The Next Five Years and Beyond

In the last decade, the Open University of Hong Kong has undergone rapid transformation which has had an enormous impact on the community and the tertiary sector. Embracing advances in educational technology and pioneering a diverse range of professional and practical programmes, we have enriched our students’ learning experience and addressed societal needs in a timely manner. We aspire to build upon the hard-won achievements to further enhance the University’s reputation and brand positioning, nurturing more talent for society. The Strategic Plan 2019–2023, by identifying five focused areas of priority for further strategic development, encapsulates our goals and action plans for the next five-year period and beyond, with a view to bringing the University to new heights. It will take the University beyond past achievements so that our students will GO FURTHER, and compete favourably with their peers in Hong Kong and other parts of the rapidly changing world.

Together we shall strive to transform the future.