Cheung Kam-wah
Master of Science in Energy and Environmental
Sustainability, and currently studying Doctor of
Engineering (distance learning programme)

Mr Cheung Kam-wah is the General Manager of Telecom Division of Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited. He obtained a Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Sustainability at OUHK in 2011. The following year he further enrolled in our Doctor of Engineering programme to pursue studies in energy management.

One reason why he is partial to our distance learning programmes is that they are a wonderful platform for developing contacts with people from different walks of life. He added, ‘Many of my classmates are managerial staff in major corporations. Others come from NGO’s with a mission in environmental protection. We have had frequent and free-wheeling exchange of views, from which we all benefit.’ He was equally impressed with the professionalism of the instructors, not to mention the comprehensive and practical nature of the programmes. They are exactly what he needs for his work.
Mr Cheung is in the telecom software business, with major enterprises, telecom companies and financial institutions as his clientele. His clients are increasingly concerned with environmental protection. As part of management conversant with environmental protection, he enjoys an edge in communicating with his clients. At the same time, in making bids in the tendering process, having the relevant know-how is a definite advantage. The courses he took touch on various aspects of the discipline, such as ‘Life Cycle Assessment’, a detailed analysis of how to develop products that match the needs of environmental protection. They opened up his thinking in his work.
An incidental benefit of his enrolment in the environmental protection programme is the arousal of his interest in long distance running. Prior to this, he had never been much of a runner. But he got to know a long distance running aficionado Dr Yau Yiu-hung through the programme, who got him hooked on long distance running. He ended up becoming the President of the OUHK Student Runner Club, helping to draw staff and students to this activity.
In 2013, his academic achievements won him the Outstanding Student Award. He has developed his own philosophy about running and studying. ‘Long distance running takes prolonged practice. There are no shortcuts. Likewise, work and studying both require considerable expenditure of time. They, too, take good planning, time management and stamina to reach the final destination.’

Wang Yangao
Master of Education, Bachelor of Education with Honours in Secondary Education (Chinese Strand) (distance learning programme)

Mr Wang Yangao, CEO of Huaxia Foundation, completed the Master of Education programme and Bachelor of Education with Honours in Secondary Education (Chinese Strand) programme at the OUHK. With his passion for education, the words that are always on his lips are: ‘Open up the students, never let them down’.
Born and bred on the mainland, he was a trained professional athlete at the national level. Admitted into university in 1978, he became a university lecturer for eight years. Upon immigrating to Hong Kong, he found to his disappointment that his academic credentials were not recognized in the territory. Although he subsequently obtained the necessary qualifications as a teacher, he decided to leave the teaching profession to go into the business sector. Later, when invited by the superintendent of a primary school to take up a teaching post, he had a change of heart, and returned once more to the teachers’ ranks, becoming a teacher successively at primary school, secondary school and vocational training institute.
He does not believe in standing still. He believes that continuous learning is necessary for successful adaptation to a changing environment. Although he already has a bachelor’s degree under his belt, he was desirous of renewing his knowledge. Consequently, he enrolled in our bachelor’s degree in education programme. Two years later, to further his knowledge of educational management, he enrolled in a master’s degree in education programme. Being simultaneously enrolled in two programmes is never an easy task, requiring meticulous time management and dedication. By 2007, he had completed all his studies. The programmes he undertook at OUHK enabled him to understand in depth the educational needs of young people at various levels. More importantly, he has learned to put into practice what he has acquired, mindful of the nature of education and how best to meet the needs of modern society through teaching.
In 2010, Mr Wang made a career move to the Huaxia Foundation where he commands a broader perspective to promote foundational education projects across the nation. He keeps stressing that education is not just about examinations, it is about developing the thinking skills and the good exercise of judgment of students. It is on education that the future of the nation depends. His aspiration is to see that through promoting quality education, higher caliber talents will be nurtured to help shape that future.

Lau Yuen-keung
Bachelor of Business Administration in China Business (full-time programme)

For full-time student Mr Lau Yuen-keung, 2014 is a year of joyful news. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in China Business. He also awarded a Talent Development Scholarship in the Government’s Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme. Additionally, he was crowned the Overall Championship of Boxing in the 52 kg group by the Hong Kong Boxing Association.
As early as his high school years, Yuen-keung had begun learning mixed martial arts: Wing Chun kung fu, jujitsu and boxing. He did not mind admitting that in his early years he had little interest in academic studies. But under the tutelage of his master, he came to realize that he could not ignore his school work. He made up his mind to play catch up. But as a late-starter, he found the going tough and the goal elusive. Not surprisingly, he did not do well in the HKCEE. Undaunted, he applied himself to the Yi Jin programme and the pre-Associate Degree programme. Subsequently, he enrolled in the OUHK’s bachelor programme.
He chose China Business for his university study because of his affinity for Chinese culture. He was also attracted to the unlimited prospects in China’s business sector. He was particularly drawn to the ‘China Market Studies’ in which his teachers took him through many case studies, taking him beyond the confines of his curriculum, and broadening his horizons. Despite the demands of a heavy academic load, he managed his time meticulously and persisted in his boxing practice and competitions.
He was quite modest in describing himself as an ungifted boxer, as his early fight results were lackluster. But he persevered. He might be down, but he was never out. He finally prevailed. Within the boxing ring, Yuen-keung’s first aim was not to knock out his opponent. He was more focused on honing his boxing skills. He was mostly challenging himself. He said, ‘Behind every victory is the dedicated support of many people. I am particularly grateful to my coach Master So Ka-kin and my martial arts brothers.’ He was deeply moved when his classmates kept him company and often shared a simple and healthy meal with him to help him keep his weight down.
Boxing has a far-reaching impact on Yuen-keung. To prepare for his bouts, he must adhere strictly to training and dietary regimes. Then he parlayed this self-discipline into his studies, believing that ‘hard work, perseverance and discipline will eventually produce the desired results’.

Ng Lap-hei
Currently studying Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts (full-time programme)

Under the influence of his family, full-time student Mr Ng Lap-hei began humming Cantonese operatic tunes at an early age. They sent him to a Cantonese opera interest course to learn the basics of the operatic singing techniques. He began performing on stage by the age of nine. By 16, he was inducted into an operatic training programme for youth. To this day, he is still learning and performing the art form that he loves.
Because of this affection for the performing arts, he joined the OUHK’s Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts programme in 2012. Even without operatic elements, the programme has been an eye-opening experience for him, in which he learned to appreciate literary and cinematic or visual art works, different genres of writing, artistic knowledge and art direction. He even dabbled in the production of short films.
In class, his Cantonese operatic accomplishments were put to good use. When assigned a role, his operatic training prepared him well for its interpretation and execution. He said ‘What I learned at OUHK may not be immediately applicable to operatic performance, but it has stimulated my thinking about the direction of Cantonese operatic development.’ Projection effects and photographic techniques are also applicable to staging Cantonese operas, adding a new element to an old art form. Formal studies also lead to establishing modes of learning, such as scriptwriting, and a receptive attitude towards various types of performances and have the result of sensitizing him to people-watching, reading, observation and discovery of new phenomena. It is education through observation
Lap-hei has been a multiple winner of awards in Cantonese operatic competitions, including the 2011 Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competition. He also won a Talent Development Scholarship in the Government’s Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme, and planned to use the money to purchase operatic costumes in preparation for his future performances. He sees himself being an amateur operatic performer of the martial arts sub-category (Wusheng). As for his day job, he intends to pursue a career in reportorial writing.