The University has deep roots in the community it serves. The steadfast support it receives from many quarters enables it to play its role in society more effectively.

Government’s Sixth Matching Grant Scheme

The Government launched the Sixth Matching Grant Scheme in August 2012. Under the two-year scheme, the first HK$60 million in donations that the OUHK raises will be matched dollar for dollar by government grants. The amount in excess of this will be matched at the rate of HK$2 for HK$1, on a firstcome- first-served basis. During the year, the OUHK had already received more than HK$73 million in donations from a number of sources, and over $64 million from the Scheme.

Munificent donations have been received from the Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation, the Lee Shau Kee Foundation, Mrs Ella Ng, Ms Connie Fong and Miss Gladys Li during the year. Students, alumni, staff members and members of the public also responded positively to our appeals by contributing millions of dollars towards the University’s development.

First named professorship established

The Ng Chun Man Professorship in Environmental Science and Conservation, the OUHK’s first named professorship, was established in January 2013, following a very generous donation of HK$10 million to the University in memory of her late husband by Mrs Ella Ng.

The ever-increasing threats to the environment caused by rapid industrialisation and manufacturing, as well as natural global factors, have created a pressing need for research into the many environmental and conservation challenges in Hong Kong and worldwide. The Professorship will support dedicated researchers in the field of environmental science and conservation in their quest for innovative ways and means to deal with such issues.

Financial awards top HK$5.4 million

With its open and equal access policy, the OUHK Student Assistance Fund has been a major source of support for students since it was set up in 1993. Thanks to a large number of longstanding patrons and organisations, more than 300 scholarships and subject prizes and 280 bursaries with a total value of over HK$5.4 million were presented during the OUHK Scholarship and Bursary Awards Presentation Ceremony 2011-12, which was held in September 2012.

Helping exceptional students

The Youth Arch-OUHK Improvement Scholarship has been established with a donation of HK$2.5 million from the Youth Arch Foundation. Its purpose is to encourage recipients of the Youth Arch Student Improvement Award, the Lion and Globe Education Fund Most Improved Student Award and similar awards to further their studies at the OUHK. The Foundation noted that many talented and promising young people were unable to develop their potential, due to a lack of funds when they most needed them. Besides giving them timely fiscal assistance, the Foundation hopes the Scholarship will support them in their determination to strive for continuous improvement. A total of 500 full-time and distance-learning students are expected to benefit from it during the next five years.

Bursary for Working Fathers

Alumna Ms Katie Shu has generously donated HK$1 million to establish the Regal Fortune Limited — Katie Shu Sui Pui Bursary for Working Fathers. Its purpose is to help working fathers who missed out on the chance to complete their college education to fulfil their dream of obtaining a university degree, and thus also enable them to inspire and set an example for their children. The programme will run for five consecutive academic years, starting in 2013.

Open textbook project

Following our successful application for HK$17.5 million from the Chief Executive’s Community Project Fund, we have begun a project to develop an Open Textbook System for Hong Kong. This aims to establish a sustainable system for providing quality open textbooks that primary, secondary and tertiary-level teachers and students can adopt and adapt for their use at no cost.

Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund

Nearly 400 alumni and students donated a total of more than HK$500,000 to this Fund, which was matched dollar-for-dollar by the Vincent Woo Matching Donation Fund. These contributions have been allocated to the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund to assist outstanding and financially needy students.

Sponsored student exchanges and cultural projects

CGCC funds student internship and exchange tours

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce’s on-going sponsorship during the year enabled a group of 14 Nursing students to participate in the Chinese Medicinal Nursing Educational Visit in Guangzhou in May 2012. Meanwhile, a party of 56 Nursing students joined the Hong Kong-Zhuhai Nursing Study Tour during the same month.

English immersion experience

Foreign languages can be mastered more effectively when one is immersed in their native environment. That was the experience of 20 full-time School of Education and Languages students last June, when they travelled to the UK to participate in the 2012 English Language and Culture Immersion Programme at the University of Warwick, which was sponsored by OUHK alumna Ms Connie Fong. The participants attended lectures, tutorials, seminars and cultural visits that touched on a wide range of topics, from history and architecture to food and football.

International exposure

The Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ltd — Winnie Ko Student Exchange Fund sponsored a number of exchange programmes and study tours during the year. These included a nursing student exchange programme in Singapore, an arts and cultural exchange tour to Beijing, a study tour to Taipei, and two conferences on harmful algae and bio products held in Korea and USA respectively. More than 60 students and staff members participated in these activities and thereby gained international experience and exposure.

Learning through competition

Three post-graduate computing students from the School of Science and Technology competed in the IBM Mainframe Programming Contest held in Beijing last December. Their project was partly sponsored by the CASH Education Fund. The Fund also sponsored a two-day study tour to Guangzhou by a group of 20 students from the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration in May 2012.

Festive Christmas melodies

The Jingle Christmas Concert presented by the Open University Orchestra in the Serena Yang Lecture Theatre created a delightfully warm seasonal atmosphere for 200 alumni, students, staff members and their families last December. After the event, Dr Serena Yang, a long-term supporter of the Orchestra, presented a further donation of HK$200,000 to support its future development.