The OUHK continues to expand the scope and scale of its facilities in order to fulfil its mission more completely.

Chung Hau Street project

Provisionally known as the ‘New College’, the Chung Hau Street project is moving steadily towards completion. Following the ground-breaking and naming ceremony held in early 2012, the building’s foundation works were finished on schedule last summer, and work on its 12-storey superstructure commenced in October 2012. The structural elements will be completed by the middle of this year, and we expect the complex to be ready for use by January 2014.

The opening of the New College will be an important milestone in the University’s development and its mission to provide highquality education. It will enrol an annual intake of 750 students and support a total student population of 2,400.

In particular, this project will allow school leavers to pursue full-time programmes in cultural and creative arts, testing and certification, and medical services. These are three of the six crucial industries now being promoted by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

It will be located on Chung Hau Street, close to our existing Ho Man Tin campus. Its total gross floor area of 21,500 square metres will incorporate a number of innovative and environmentally conscious design features.

New Kwai Hing learning centre will soon open

To offer our students a better learning environment and facilitate our continuous development, the OUHK will open a new learning centre in Kwai Chung in September 2013. We have purchased five floors with a total area of 124,000 sq. ft. for this purpose in Kowloon Commercial Centre, which is close to Kwai Hing MTR Station. The premises will be able to accommodate 1,500 students, and they will provide a spacious study environment that includes fully equipped classrooms, PC and language laboratories, a lecture theatre and learning resources centre, as well as purpose-built teaching and learning facilities. The headquarters of LiPACE will also be housed in the same location.

Taking advantage of the ‘3+3+4’ challenge

The OUHK was well prepared for the opportunities and challenges posed by the official launch of the new ‘3+3+4’ academic structure in Hong Kong’s tertiary institutions in September 2012. We had previously fine-tuned our curricula in line with the new academic structure’s emphasis on fostering a broader outlook. The courses and their content have also been consolidated and regrouped. Up to 75% of a student’s credits are now allocated to his or her major area of study, including both compulsory and elective courses. The remaining 25% or more are devoted equally to purpose-designed general education courses and other non-discipline-specific and English-language courses. This structure will equip students with a broad foundation and in-depth coverage of their chosen areas of specialisation, as well as a well-balanced educational experience.

For the 2012-2013 academic year, we offered 15 honours degree programmes via JUPAS for students who had taken the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination and nine for those who had taken the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination. Students are admitted to many of our ordinary degree programmes by direct application as well. At present, around 6,200 students are enrolled in the 31 full-time face-toface degree programmes offered by our four Schools.

The OUHK is also applying the new measures and concepts to our distance-learning programmes. While giving due consideration to the varied backgrounds and learning objectives of our distance-learning students, we are continuing to explore new programmes and courses, and providing multiple entry points and early exit options.