BSc and BSc (Hons) in Statistics and Decision Science (統計及決策學 理學士 / 榮譽理學士)

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Programme structure of BSc(Hon) in Statistics and Decision Science

  1. 20 credits from Foundation level compulsory courses
    MATH S121- A Foundation in Pure Mathematics (10)
    MATH S122 - A Foundation in Applied Mathematics (10)
  2. 45 credits from Middle level compulsory courses
    MATH S242 - Statistics in Society (10)
    MATH S249 - Practical Modern Statistics (10) - CEF
    MATH S280 - Statistical Methods for Decision Analysis (10) - CEF
    MATH S221- Mathematical Methods (10)
    MATH S215 - Linear Algebra (5)

    20 credits from Higher level compulsory courses
    MATH S350 - Applied Probability Models for Decision Making (10)
    MATH S346 - Linear Statistical Modeling (10)
  3. 25 credits from the following courses
    MATH S373 - Optimization Methods forDecision Making (10) - CEF
    MATH S365 - Graphs, Networks and Design (10) - CEF
    MATH S390 - Quantitative Models for Financial Risk (5)
    SCI S330 - Scientific Research Methods (5)
  4. 30 credits (of which at least 10 credits must be at Higher Level) from the following courses
    ECON A231 - Introduction to Microeconomics (5)
    ECON A232 - Introduction to Macroeconomics (5)
    ACT B211 - Introduction to Accounting I (5)
    ACT B212 - Introduction to Accounting II (5)
    FIN B280 - Introduction to Financial Management (5)
    MATH S216 - Mathematical Analysis (5)
    ENVR S237 - Environmental Control and Public Health (10)
    FIN B386 - Financial Decision Making (5)
    ECON A316 - International Finance (5)
    ECON A305 - Money and Banking (10)
    MATH S333 - Advanced Mathematical Methods (5)
    ENVR S335 - Environmental Control, Monitoring and Modeling (1 0)
    (You should consider carefully which of these elective courses in (d) suitable to your own interest and your further career.)
  5. Additional 20 credits for free choice
    From any foundation, middle or higher level courses offered by the University, provided that of the total 160 credits, no more than 40 are gained at Foundation level.

Remark: In this programme, MATH S121, MATH S122 are the foundation pure and applied mathematics courses. MATH ST242 is the foundation statistics course that prepares students to study higher statitsics courses. You may consider taking any of MATH S121, MATH S122 and MATH S242 as your first course.

Notes: If you are the exiting student, you should take note of the following:

  • Courses form excluded combinations with other courses. Only one of the courses of the excluded combinations can count towards an OUHK award. Students should refer to the attached list for details.
  • Successful completion of MATH S204/MATH S207 is considered as completion of MATH S221 and MATH S222.
  • Successful completion of MATH S213 is considered as completion of MATH S215 and MATH S216.
  • Successful completion of MATH S245/MATH S246/MATH S248 is considered as completion of MATH S280.
  • Successful completion of MATH S343 is considered as completion of MATH S350.
  • Successful completion of MATH S322 is considered as completion of MATH S333, but MATH S322 is only counted as 5 credits against the programme requirements. The remaining 5 credits from MATH S322 may be counted towards the free choice credits requirement for the programme.