Part-time Distance Learning BSc and BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Studies 數學 理學士 / 榮譽理學士


This Degree Programme has been offered since Oct 2009. The curriculum of Mathematical Studies programmes is designed to develop quantitative reasoning skills, conceptual understanding, computational skills and the ability to effectively apply them in everyday life. The core of the suite of programmes offers a firm foundation in pure and applied mathematics with a concentration in specific fields of application-disciplines in which mathematical tools and computing tools are used to solve real-world problems.
Graduates of the programmes will be equipped with the general level of undergraduate mathematics, statistics, scientific computation and programming techniques. They would therefore be able to take up jobs in many fields requiring programming or mathematical skills, such as engineering, scientist, and marketing analysis, education, or other applied areas within industry or government. The programmes are particularly suitable for the school teachers.
Programme Aims
  • The BSc in Mathematical Studies aims to produce graduates with a coherent training in general mathematics and statistics, together with some experience in computer programming and operations.
  • The BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Studies aims to provide graduates with further training and develop mathematical and statistical reasoning skills with practical experience in computer programming.