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Education Related Development Projects

(Excluding research projects with external funding through application or bidding)
‌     Examples of Major Non-research Projects in Recent Years:
Year Title Grant
2020 Industrial Attachment Project for Science and Technology Students2    $9,304,000
2019 Learning Effectiveness Enhancement through Virtual Reality and Co-Curricular Activities Engagement2    $2,354,314
2018 Jockey Club STEAM Education Resources Sharing Scheme1  $37,730,000
2016 A Project to Integrate Internship Learning into Curriculum2    $7,967,480
2014 Establishment of Career Advisory Resource Centre (CARC) and Provision of Project STRIDE to Post-secondary Students2    $1,709,035
2013 Collection Sharing and Information Discovery System with Enriched Digital Content (with four other institutions)2  $50,772,660
2012 Development of an Open Textbook System for Hong Kong1  $17,500,000

1 Funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
2 Funded by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme
OUHK staff may carry out non-research projects with funding from external bodies. Guidelines and related documents are available at the following links:
Guidelines on Non-research Projects with External Funding
‌     Appendix I Assessment Criteria for Non-research Projects with External Funding
‌     Appendix II Profits to the Unit Pot from Non-research Projects with External Funding
‌     External Funding Schemes for Non-research Projects

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