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Overview of OUHK Jockey Club Campus

location mapThe OUHK began to offer full-time programmes in 2001, with the number of students rising from fewer than 100 in the first year to over 6,000 at present. In response to the pressing demand, the University completed the construction of the Campus Phase Two extension in 2008 to provide additional space and facilities. In December 2010, it succeeded in applying for a land grant for a site on Chung Hau Street in Ho Man Tin to develop a new campus, indicating the Government's recognition of the role of the OUHK in providing quality higher education.

The OUHK will establish a college on the site to offer full-time programmes in cultural and creative arts, testing and certification, and medical services, areas in which the OUHK has built up strengths. This will contribute to the development of three of the six crucial industries promoted by the Government. The Jubilee College is expected to be completed by the end of 2013, and will be able to enrol a total annual intake of 750 students, and support a total student population of 2,400 at steady state. It will also enable the University to provide appropriate amenities such as Active Learning Classrooms and Learning Commons to foster guided self-learning and active learning among students.

In the initial years of the Jubilee College, the OUHK plans to set up three new academic divisions to offer the following programmes:

BA (Hons) in Creative Advertising and Media Design
BFA (Hons) in Animation and Visual Effects
BFA (Hons) in Photographic Digital Art
BSc (Hons) in Testing and Certification
Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) (General/ Mental Health Care)
Higher Diploma in Nursing Studies (General/ Mental Health Care)

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