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Giving to OUHK

The OUHK is actively involved in the greater Hong Kong community. Our various donation programmes and Employer Support Study Scheme build links with Hong Kong's business community and philanthropists.

As a self-financing institution, we rely very much on the community to enable us to provide the necessary facilities and support to our students, whether it be campus development or financial support to needy students. Over the years, OUHK has been privileged to receive many significant contributions from individuals and organizations that lay the ground for our rapid development. Their ardent support is the best endorsement and encouragement for our staff and students to continue our strive for academic excellence.

There are many ways in which the community can show their support, such as donating to campus facilities, education technology, student financial assistance and many other programmes. The wide support from the community has so far generated more than HK$520 million in donations.

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Modified Date: Jan 06, 2015