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Anti-Spam Service FAQ


  • What is spam ?
    All unsolicited commercial email (UCE) and unsolicited bulk email (UBE) that a recipient does not want to receive.


  • What is PureMessage?
    PureMessage is a mail-filtering program that runs on the email server. On the OUHK email server, all incoming email messages pass through PureMessage. The PureMessage filter looks for certain message characteristics and performs actions on the message when these characteristics are found.


  • How does PureMessage identify spam?
    PureMessage contains several hundred spam tests that analyze individual characteristics of each message. Each of these tests has a numerical weight. When a message is analyzed by PureMessage, the weights from all the spam tests that matched the message are added up and converted to a spam score that expresses the message's "spam probability".
    By default, the spam filter only checks for spam in messages that originate from outside the network, not in messages that originate within the local domain. If a message is found to have a spam probability of 50% or more, it is sent to the Quarantine and is not delivered to users.


  • How can I manage my anti-spam software (PureMessage) ?
    The End User Web Interface ( LINK : https://emailfilter.ouhk.edu.hk ) provides users with a web-based interface to manage their quarantined messages, define approved senders and blocked senders, and enable periodical personal quarantine digest. The login name is the email address of the user without “@ouhk.edu.hk”. The password is the same as the password of the user’s email account.
Login page


  • What are Approved Senders (Whitelists)?
    A list of external email addresses, IP addresses and domains trusted by the entire organisation or individual users. All mail from these addresses is delivered, bypassing the spam filters.


  • What are Blocked Senders (Blacklists)?
    A feature of anti-spam software that allows users to designate IP addresses, domain names and individual email addresses from which no mail will be accepted.


  • What is a Personal Quarantine Digest ?
    This is a periodical review email that includes a summary of new quarantined messages. The default setting is disabled. Users do not receive this periodical email until you enable this function with the end user web interface.
    To release a single message from quarantine, click on the message ID number in the personal quarantine digest. This will generate an email to PureMessage; the message will be automatically released. To release all listed messages from the quarantine, reply to the Personal Quarantine Digest .
Personal Quarantine Digest


  • How can I enable Personal Quarantine Digest with the end user web interface ?
    Please refer to the“Options” topic of the user guide.


  • How many approved senders (Whitelists) and blocked senders (Blacklists) can be added?
    Up to 20.


  • How long are the quarantined messages held ?
    One week.


  • How long is the Digest email valid ?
    Five days.



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Modified Date: Jun 29, 2016