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Mission and Organization



The Information Technology Unit (ITU) was established with an aim of providing advanced and reliable IT services to the University.  It is committed to supporting teaching, learning, research and administration through the development, implementation, enhancement, and consultation services on IT systems, facilities and services.


ITU Organization Chart


ITU has 6 sections, namely, Management Information Systems Section, Student Information Section, Systems & Network Infrastructure Section, Computer Systems Operation,  User Support Services and Administration Section.

Management Information Systems Section. To develop and implement administrative application systems to meet the operation needs of the administration units.

Student Information Systems Section. To develop systems and applications supporting users in student related administration activities; and to sustain portal and web content management with associated users support.

Systems & Network Infrastructure Section. To plan, design and support the University network infrastructures, database, and laboratory applications, for a well-established data sharing environment and peer communication channel.

Computer Systems Operation Section. To maintain and ensure smooth operation of IT facilities and systems in offices and computer labs.

User Support Services Section. To support the internal and external IT services/facilities with the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness and stability of the services provided.

Administrative Support Section. To provide internal administrative supports for the Unit.

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