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 Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme (2020–2021)

In order to engage students in mobile learning via iBookcase, the University introduced the Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme in 2017 in which eligible students received a HK$500 cash incentive for using the app for studies.

With LiPACE course materials now gradually available on iBookcase from January 2021, the Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme will be extended with relaxed eligibility criteria. Students from both the OUHK and LiPACE will be able to engage in mobile learning with iBookcase and benefit from the incentive scheme (terms and conditions apply).


Students must have:

1.   downloaded the iBookcase app onto their smartphones or personal tablets;
2.   enrolled on a course in the academic year 2020/21;
3.   made use* of the iBookcase app to study for the course between the start of the term and the end of the examination period; and
4.   completed and passed this course in the academic year 2020/21.
If the eligible students submitted the bank account information, and do not have outstanding / unpaid tuition fees to the University, they will successfully receive the HK$500 incentive.
*Such as browsing the course notes, viewing the video recordings, and using the embedded learning tools; etc
  Each student is only eligible for a single HK$500 incentive as part of the Mobile Learning Engagement Incentive Scheme.
  If you have already received the incentive in the previous scheme period (2017-20), you will not be eligible for the incentive again.
  The Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme is not applicable to the course: DT001 Professional Diploma in Waste Management and Meat and Foods Inspection.
  Should any dispute arise, the decision of the University shall be final. The web version shall prevail should there be any changes to the details of the scheme.
Obtaining the incentive

Confirming eligibility
The university will notify students of their eligibility after the examination result is announced, i.e. in November 2020, May and August 2021. Notifications confirming their eligibility and explaining the arrangements for obtaining the incentive will be sent by email and via the iBookcase app.

Submitting bank account information
Students will need to submit their bank account information through the My OUHK portal within a specific time period. Further details will be provided in the notification to eligible students. Failure to provide your bank account information before the deadline will be regarded as withdrawal from the scheme.

Getting the HK$500 incentive
The University will confirm students’ eligibility. If the student does not have outstanding/unpaid fees, the incentive will be credited to his/her bank account. Each student is eligible to receive the incentive amount for once.


Modified Date: Jan 19, 2021