What is iBookcase?
Target audience
Key features
About the Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme
Technical issues
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 What is iBookcase?
Q: What is iBookcase?
A: iBookcase is an in-house developed mobile app which aims to facilitate students’ learning, anytime and anywhere. It can be downloaded and used on iPhone, iPad or Android devices. iBookcase synchronizes with the Online Learning Environment (OLE) and provides a powerful package of learning tools for all of your courses. Studying with the iBookcase app will help you to engage in your studies and learn effectively.
 Target audience
Q: Who can use iBookcase?
A: The app is designed for OUHK students as well as the general public.

OUHK students
If you are a part-time (distance learning) or full-time OUHK student, after you have downloaded the iBookcase app and logged in using your OUHK username and single password, your enrolled courses will appear in the app and your course materials will be synced.

LiPACE students and the general public
We have selected some useful eBooks for the general public to access via the iBookcase app. You will need to download the iBookcase app and register for a free courseware account here.
 Key features
Q: What are the benefits of using iBookcase?
A: iBookcase brings you the following benefits:
Study anytime and anywhere
  Course materials such as study units/lecture notes can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet via the ibookcase app. You can then access them both on and offline.
Receive instant course alerts
  The OUHK will periodically send you important course alerts and reminders such as assignment due dates, class times and venues, etc.
Learn effectively through multimedia components and interactive activities
  Study units in ePub format feature interactive versions of activities that enable you to input and save your answers, as well as providing instant answer-checking and feedback functionalities. Certain courses also contain multimedia components to enhance content presentation. Examples include video cases in business courses, and video and audio resources in language, music and art courses, etc.
Enhance your reading experience through study tools
  Study units in ePub format provide a number of features to facilitate learning and enhance your reading experience, such as a built-in dictionary, highlighting and note-taking tools, bookmarking and text-to-speech functions, and interactive activities.
Q: Can I download the tutorial recordings in iBookcase and watch them without connecting to Wi-Fi?
A: Currently, most of the video recordings in iBookcase and on the OLE support streaming only.
Q: I cannot find ePub version of the study units for my course. Why?
A: No ePub units will be provided for courses which use OUUK textbooks. If certain ePub units are available but later ones are not, this is because they are currently under development; we will upload them before the study week commences.
Q: I have installed the app but I can’t find my lecturer’s resources. Why?
A: We are encouraging our teaching staff to upload course materials to the OLE and iBookcase app. If you cannot find the notes for your course, please contact your lecturer to ask whether he/she can upload materials to the OLE, which is synced with iBookcase.
Q: I don’t know how to use the key features. What should I do?
A: Please refer to the user guide Using iBookcase and iStudy tools. You can access this guide in the iBookcase app.
 About the Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme
Q: What is the Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme?
A: The OUHK introduced this scheme in 2017 to encourage students to make use of the iBookcase app for learning. It is applicable to both full- and part-time (distance learning) OUHK students (excluding LiPACE students). Students will be eligible for a HK$500 incentive if they have used iBookcase and fulfilled all the requirements.
Q: I am an OUHK student. How can I claim the HK$500 incentive?
A: You need to download and use the iBookcase app, have successfully completed a course, and enroll in another course in one of the next three terms. If you fulfil all of these requirements, you will receive a notification by email and via the iBookcase app confirming your eligibility and explaining the arrangements for obtaining the incentive. For full terms and conditions, please refer to the iBookcase webpage.
Q: When will the university send out the notification to confirm my eligibility for the incentive?
A: The University will send the notification to eligible students by email and via the iBookcase app in May, August and November within the scheme period.
Q: After I receive the notification, how can I obtain the HK$500 incentive?
After receiving the notification, you will need to submit your bank account information through the My OUHK portal within a specific time period. The University will confirm your eligibility. If you do not have outstanding/unpaid fees, the HK$500 incentive will be credited to your bank account.
Please note that failure to provide your bank account information before the deadline will be regarded as withdrawal from the scheme.
Q: Can I be eligible for the HK$500 incentive more than once?
A: No. Each student is only eligible for a single HK$500 incentive as part of the Mobile Learning Engagement Incentive Scheme.
Q: When will the Incentive Scheme end?
A: The Incentive Scheme will end in the 2020 Spring Term.
 Technical issues
Q: Where can I download the ibookcase app?
The iBookcase app can be downloaded for free.
For iPhone and iPad users, please go to the App Store and search ‘ibc’ or ‘ouhk’.
For Android users, please go to the Google Play and search ‘ibookcase’.
Q: How can I download books in the iBookcase app?
A: For OUHK students
Log in with your OUHK username and single sign-in password (in the top-left corner). You will then see your registered courses in the app.

For the general public
First, please register for a free courseware account here
Then, go to the iBookcase app and tap ‘Free eBooks’ which will display the free eBooks available for downloading. Select a book and log in with your free courseware username and password.
Q: What iOS/Android version does iBookcase support? Can I upgrade to the latest iOS/Android version?
A: iBookcase supports Android 4.4 or above, iOS 10.0, 11.0 or above.
Minor OS upgrades, for example, from iOS 11.0 to 11.1, should not cause a problem for iBookcase users. However, for major OS upgrades, for example, from iOS 11 to 12, please wait for our new release.
 Other questions
Q: I am worried that if I try iBookcase, OUHK will no longer allow me to collect the print study units.
A: Don’t worry. You are still eligible to collect print materials if you use iBookcase.
Q: Why isn’t OUHK webmail included in iBookcase?
A: This is not currently a feature because both iOS and Android devices have native email clients; you can use these to check your OUHK webmail via POP3. For further information, go to the following page:

Modified Date: Nov 20, 2018