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 Mobile learning on the go! — The OUHK iBookcase app
 (for smartphones and tablets)

The OUHK has always been committed to promoting learning effectiveness and flexibility. To achieve this goal, the University is constantly striving to improve its methods of course delivery. The most recent endeavour is the launch of the OUHK iBookcase. This is an in-house developed mobile app which aims to facilitate students to learn anytime anywhere. Numerous studies have shown that mobile learning is a powerful way to engage learners in their study and enhances their broader learning experience.

In order to encourage students to make full use of mobile learning via iBookcase app, the University introduced the Mobile Learning Engagement Incentive Scheme in 2017. OUHK students will be eligible for a HK$500 incentive if they have downloaded and used iBookcase app for studies (Terms and conditions apply).

Following the release of the app for tablets in 2017, a version for smartphones has been released in the 2018 Autumn Term. The app is compatible with both ios and Android devices.

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