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Student services and activities

Support for students with disabilities or special educational needs

The OUHK is committed to supporting students with disabilities or special educational needs (SEN). If you regularly use a wheelchair, our campuses are fully accessible. Special arrangements can be made for classes and examinations when necessary.

If you have disabilities or SEN, please inform the Student Affairs Office of the University before the commencement of your studies to facilitate the University in providing the appropriate services. However, the University may not always be possible to do so if there are insufficient resources or other constraints. Before enrolling on a course, you should check to see if any course requirements might cause you difficulty.

While the OUHK allows some flexibility in terms of arrangements for students with disabilities or SEN, they will be assessed by the same academic performance measures as other OUHK students.

Student activities

The University believes that participating in student activities is a fulfilling experience for students, and that it enhances learning. OUHK students are encouraged to organize or join student activities so as to enrich their campus life and broaden their horizons.

Modified Date: Jul 14, 2020