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Recognition of former qualifications

Credits obtained from your previous studies may be recognized by the University for credit transfer in two ways:

1. Admission through entry pathways
  The University has set up some entry pathways for various Master’s Degree programmes for which the programme credit requirements are reduced. In other words, students may receive certain credit transfer upon admission if they have satisfied the entry requirements for the pathway programme concerned. Holders of relevant qualifications are advised to apply for admission via these pathways if they satisfy the entry requirements. Please refer to the programme descriptions for details of the entry requirements of individual entry pathway programmes.
2. Advanced standing
  You may be able to get credit for your previous studies. Credit transfer, known as ‘advanced standing' at the OUHK, is available to students who have completed tertiary-level studies elsewhere. The granting of advanced standing will considerably shorten the time you need to complete your OUHK study programme. At postgraduate level, advanced standing may be available for postgraduate diploma and master's degree programmes. The maximum levels of transfer are:
Master’s Degree — 30 credits
Postgraduate Diploma — 20 credits

Two types of credit transfer are available for postgraduate programme: Specific Credit Transfer (SCT) and Block Credit Transfer (BCT). Specific Credit Transfer deals with course-to–course exemption. Block Credit Transfer allows transfer at the programme level; successful applicants will be prescribed a list of top-up courses which must be completed for the programme.

Students are required to hold a postgraduate level qualification for credit transfer towards OUHK postgraduate level programmes. If you possess a qualification eligible for advanced standing/credit transfer, you are strongly advised to obtain more detailed information from the Advanced Standing & Records Office (http://www.ouhk.edu.hk → Administration → Registry → Advanced Standing).


Modified Date: Nov 06, 2019