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Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration
Research Areas • Accounting
• Banking and Finance
• Business Information Systems
• Chinese Business Law
• International Business
• Management
• Marketing
Contact Person Dr Chan Hing Tai, Jimmy
Tel: 2768 6967
E-mail: htchan@ouhk.edu.hk

Staff Member Research Interests
CHAN Hing Tai, Jimmy
Teacher Certificate (SRBCE);
• Social networks
• Network organizations
• Innovation management
• Chinese business
CHAN Kin Yee, Kinnie
BEd (Hons), MA (CUHK);
PhD (James Cook)
• Many-facets Rasch measurement
• English writing assessment
• English teaching strategies
• Second language acquisition
CHAN Shiu Fai
PhD (Bradford)
• Company-customer trust
• Company-customer communication
• Delaying retirement
• Career management and employability
CHAN Tsz Ying, Elsa
BA (HKU); PgDip (CUHK);
MSc (Nottingham); PhD (CU Boulder)
• Behavioural approach to entrepreneurship
• Leadership
• Affect and cognition in organizations
CHAN Yi Li, Bobbie
BSc (Bath); MBA (CityU of HK);
DBA (South Australia)
• Emotional labour
• Personality
• Chinese culture
CHEN Xing, Kelly
• Corporate governance
• International business
• Strategy in emerging markets
CHEUNG Siu Yin, Sally
BBA, MBA (Houston);
• Creativity and innovation
• Goal orientation and proactive personality
• Employee voice
• Mindfulness
CHIU Weisheng
BSc, MEd (NTNU);
PhD (Yonsei)
• Sport management
• Sport marketing
• Consumer behaviour
• Quantitative research
CHOI Ping Man, Samuel
BCompSc (Hons), MSc (Manitoba);
• Machine learning
• Business intelligence
• Learning analytics
• Financial technology
CHUNG Ka Wai, Sindy
BBA (Hons) (CUHK); MSc (UCD);
• Leadership
• Innovation
• Entrepreneurship
• International business
Dipl. Volkswirt (FernUniversität in Hagen);
MSc, MRes, PhD (Manchester Metropolitan)
• International business strategy
• Subsidiary development
• Knowledge management and innovation
• Emerging markets and internationalization
HO Wai Ming, Agol
BSc (HKU); MSc, MPhil (HKUST);
PhD (Shanghai Fin & Econ)
• Bank efficiency
• Banking regulation
• Currency board system
• Green finance
KAN Chi Nam, Andy
BBA (Hons), PhD (HKBU)
• Financial derivatives
• Portfolio management
• Asset pricing
• Emerging financial markets
KWAN Man Ching, Canice
BBA (Hons), MPhil (HKBU);
• Judgement and decision making
• Prosocial and charitable behaviours
• Visual and experiential marketing
• Digital marketing and social media
LAM Sze Sing, Franklin
BA (CityU of HK);
MPhil, PhD (CUHK)
• Business analytics
• Decision support systems
• Intelligent systems
• Scheduling
LAU Kin Wai, Eric
BA, PhD (CityU of HK)
• Knowledge management
• Social media marketing
• IT adoption
• Software piracy
LEE Yee Sum, Louisa
HD, BSc, MPhil (PolyU);
PhD (James Cook)
• City tourism
• Tourism in Asia
• Cultural heritage tourism
• Service quality
• Gaming
LEUNG Chi Chung, Nigel
BA (Ji Nan);
MSc, PhD (Wales, Aberstwyth)
• Integrated software engineering environments
• Computer aided software engineering tools
• Decision support systems
• Object-oriented system analysis and design
BComm (Hons) (Melbourne);
MPhil (HKBU);
PhD (PolyU)
• Corporate governance
• Compensation
LI Chi Keung, Kevin
BBA (Hons), MSc (Econ) (HKUST);
DBA (Macquarie)
• Financial accounting, management and cost accounting
• Taxation
• Corporate governance
• Portfolio management
LI Man Lai, Mandy
BBA (Hawaii); MBA (San Diego State);
DBA (Murdoch)
• Financial reporting
• Security valuation
• Management accounting
LI Ya, Leah
BBA (Hons) (CityU of HK);
MSc (Imperial); PhD (HKBU)
• Empirical asset pricing
• Market anomalies
• Investment strategy
• Stock seasonalities
LIANG Wai Ki, Brian
MBA (Leicester);
PhD (Adelaide)
• Electronic word-of-mouth
• Pricing
• Services marketing
• Online consumer behaviour
LIU Ya Ju, Candy
LLB (Fu Jen Catholic);
LLM (Notre Dame);
PhD (Manchester Metropolitan)
• Intellectual property law
• Free trade and globalization
• Comparative law methodology
• Business law
NG Chun Yu, Eddie
BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD (CityU of HK)
• Operations management
• Approximate reasoning
• Optimizations
• Decision support systems
NG Kong Man, Joey
BBA (Hons) (CityU of HK);
MHRM (Monash); PhD (Nottingham)
• Well-being
• Human resource management
• Family business
• Chinese business and management
BS (Purdue); MS (Seoul National);
PhD (Washington State)
• Corporate social responsibility
• Artificial intelligence
• Humanness
• Emotion
SHUM Wai Cheong, Ryan
BBA (Hons), PhD (HKBU)
• Asset pricing models
• Investment analysis and portfolio management
• Emerging stock markets
SIAW Siw Chu, Irene
BSc (Manitoba); MSc (Sheffield Hallam);
MPA (Southern Queensland);
DBA (South Australia)
• Generational differences in work
• Pay and working time
• Work-life balance and employee well-being
TANG Kit Yee, Ailie
BBA (Hons) (CityU of HK);
PhD (Poly U)
• Personality traits
• Consumer motivation
• Consumer behaviour in mobile app usage
• Green retailing
TIAN Vane Ing
BBA, MPhil, PhD (CUHK)
• Chinese wisdom in strategic marketing
• Corporate social responsibility
• Consumer behaviour
• Counterfeit consumption
• New technology and marketing
BSc, MSc (Tilburg);
• Expatriate management
• International management
• International human resource management
• Organizational behaviour
• Industrial and organizational psychology
WONG Ho Yan, Karen
MA (Exeter);
• Mutual funds
• Market microstructure
• Behavioural finance
• Energy markets
WOO Ka Shing
MBA (Stirling);
PhD (Nottingham)
• Customer satisfaction
• Service quality
• Emotional labour
YEUNG Chi Hei, Matthew
BSc (Hons), MSc (Hertfordshire);
PhD (Nottingham)
• Customer satisfaction
• International trade and foreign direct investment
• Corporate social responsibility
• Sustainable development


Modified Date: May 05, 2021