Undergraduate Global Immersion Programme

Being able to work effectively with foreigners and foreign organizations has become a very important contributor to career success in the internationalized economy. The Undergraduate Global Immersion Programmes (UG-GIP) is designed to support B&A students in developing their potential in the internationalized environment. UG-GIP aims to instill in students a deeper understanding of a foreign culture and its society and environment, and expose students to a broader overview and understanding of international business.


UG-GIP comprises of four non-credit bearing courses: BUS B081F (Year 1), BUS B082F (Year 2), BUS B083F (Year 3)*, and BUS B084F (Year 4). These courses are designed to enhance students’ intercultural awareness and communication skills and help students to develop a global mindset. Details can be found here.


*BUS B083F includes a study tour. Students are responsible for incidental expenses such as airfare and accommodation.

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