The Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Financial Technology and Innovation is a 4-year programme. The programme is designed to provide students with quality education in theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to apply technological innovations to a changing business environment, especially financial services industry, so as to equip them to take up positions of responsibility, leadership and consultancy in financial services industry.
Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILO)
1. Explain and critically review business theories and concepts to identify issues, analyse situations, and develop solutions for multi-faceted problems in organisational settings.
2. Critically evaluate issues and make informed judgements in view of the organisation’s strategies as well as ethical considerations.
3. Make meaningful contributions as a leader and member in a team setting and communicate effectively.
4. Command knowledge of the practices and activities of key aspects of financial institutions and financial systems.
5. Integrate and apply advanced analytical skills and technologies to refine decision making and open new opportunities for financial innovation.
6. Assimilate and synthesize new knowledge in financial technology, apply it to tackle challenges in financial services industry and develop practical recommendations.

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