The Bachelor of Applied Psychology with Honours, Bachelor of Business Management with Honours is a 4-year double-degree programme. It is jointly offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences (A&SS) and Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration (B&A). The programme aims to strengthen students’ knowledge and skills in both applied psychology and business management so that they can better understand the behaviour of individuals in groups and diverse work settings using a psychological perspective, and enjoy the competitive edge thereby developed when they enter the working world.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILO)

1. Explain and critically review the development of and logic behind the main ideas, frameworks and theories of various business-related disciplines.
2. Critically review and deal with ethical issues that may arise in the conduct of business and within organizations and propose solutions for the issues.
3. Critically analyse and evaluate major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical and cultural trends in psychology.
4. Synthesize insights into people’s behaviors and mental processes, taking individual differences and contextual influences into consideration.
5. Apply research methods, including research design, data analysis and interpretation, to formulate evidence-based response to routine and professional problems in diverse settings.
6. Integrate and apply concepts and theories of business management and psychology to identify issues, analyse situations, and make informed judgements.

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