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Preparations for studying in Hong Kong

Prior to leaving for Hong Kong, students need to prepare and pay attention to the following matters:

  • Student visa for study in Hong Kong
  • Admission documents for the OUHK
  • Cash to pay for the cost of living in Hong Kong
  • Passport photos for applying relevant documents
  • Clothing suitable for the Hong Kong's climate
  • Daily necessities
Visa arrangement    
Student must apply for a student visa in accordance to the Immigration Ordinance of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The University will provide a personal guarantee for the visa, and assist in the application to be submitted to the Immigration Department for approval. Relevant fees for visa application will be sponsored by the University. Approval of student visa may take about eight weeks.
For details, please refer to the Immigration Department webpage at http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/study.html.
The OUHK is a metropolitan university located in downtown and does not have boarding facility. The Student Affairs Office can provide the related advice services if necessary.
The list of hotels and guesthouses licensed by the Hong Kong government is given in the Office of Licensing Authority webpage at http://www.hadla.gov.hk/en/hotels/search_g.html.
  Reporting to the OUHK
Inauguration ceremony and other related activities for new students will be scheduled in late August and early September. New students should make travel arrangements and arrive in Hong Kong by the end of August. Detailed information for the inauguration ceremony will be provided in due course.
Medical service    
Upon successful application of a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID), non-local students are eligible for public health care services provided by the Hong Kong Government. Depending on individual needs, students can consider buying health insurance for the whole period of stay before arriving Hong Kong.
  Financial matters
  Upon arrival, students are advised to set up a bank account to handle their financial matters. Identification documents such as passport are required to set up a bank account. There is a branch office of a local bank in the Ho Man Tin Campus.
Currency exchange    
Student can exchange foreign currency according to the daily exchange rates at any banks or money exchange shops in Hong Kong.

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