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Admission Requirements

Top Up Degree | Year 2 or 3 Entry | OUHK

Ride on the Fast Track Pursue Higher Education through Top up Degree Programmes

The OUHK offers various top up degree programmes for applicants with Associate Degree or Higher Diploma qualifications in any discipline or related discipline.

Education is always about breakthroughs. That is why, in the means of pursuing higher education, there are multiple innovative ways in addition to the traditional paths. Ever thought about graduating from a higher diploma or associate degree and go straight to a university? At present, there are many ways to progress to university and a top up degree is certainly a sought-after choice. Even if the results of the secondary school DSE do not meet the qualifications for entering the university, students can consider taking other courses to find a way out. By pursuing a higher diploma or associate degree, students, who fulfil certain criteria of academic results, can join the mainstream in universities with a top up degree of senior admission. The degree is widely recognised by other institutions, organisations and employers. Hence, this allows students to seize the opportunity to obtain a university bachelor degree, thus greatly improve their competitiveness in the job market.

Like other major universities in Hong Kong, the Open University of Hong Kong offers a variety of undergraduate courses for JUPAS and non-JUPAS first-year applicants. The university has a long history of quality education that welcomes students with passion and aspiration. That is why, it also provides non-JUPAS entry for undergraduate courses, including top up degree programmes for higher diploma or associate degree graduates. In general, it takes around two to three years to finish a top up degree while it can differ depending on the programme structure. The university will also adjust the study period according to the applicant's academic performance and other factors. Individual top up degree programme may, at the same time, have additional requirements, so students would have to refer to the website of the relevant department.

In terms of subject options of the top up degree programmes, there are abundant choices for advancing to the university with a higher diploma or associate degree at the Open University of Hong Kong. Students from the university work as major roles in each area and obtain fruitful achievements. The five colleges of the Open University of Hong Kong offer courses under multiple discipline. The courses include business management, film, design, politics and public administration, education, language research, engineering, life sciences, and nursing.

Examples of new top up degree programmes that accept senior year entry include Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Economic and Public Policy Analysis, Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Digital Business, Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Finance and Risk Management, Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Real Estate and Facilities Management, Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Building Service Engineering and Sustainable Development and many more choices across the science and technology area. The wide range of topics covered in the top up degree programmes provides students with choices to select and develop their potential in a professional way. This is also a way to contribute to local talents’ competitiveness in a global sense, supporting Hong Kong’s source of high calibre manpower.

Applications for admission to the Open University of Hong Kong for the 2020/21 school year are now open. Non-JUPAS local applicants can register through the direct application for admission on the website of the Open University of Hong Kong. For details of individual programme, applicants may visit the school or faculty’s website. If you would like to progress to the university from an associate degree, take the opportunity to register in the top up degree now and strive for excellence in the field.

The following applicants1 should apply through direct application:
1. Applicants who have not joined JUPAS and who wish to apply for year 1 entry to Bachelor’s Degree with Honours programmes. Local applicants who only have HKDSE Examination results should apply through JUPAS.
2. Applicants who wish to apply for Year 1 entry to Higher Diploma programmes.
3. Applicants who wish to apply for senior year entry to Bachelor’s Degree with Honours and Bachelor‘s Degree programmes.
4. Applicants with non-local academic qualifications.

   Bachelor's Degree - Year 1 Entry
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination
  - Chinese Language: Level 3 or above#;  
#Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) applicants who have met the specified circumstances as announced by the Education Bureau (EDB) can replace HKDSE Chinese Language Level 3 with Alternative Qualifications in Chinese language (ACL) by achieving:
  • HKDSE Category B (Applied Learning Chinese): 'Attained’ or above; or
  • GCE (A-level/AS-level/O-level) Chinese: Grade E or above; or
  • GCSE/IGCSE Chinese: Grade E / Grade 3 or above.
For details, please visit www.ouhk.edu.hk/ACL_requirements.
  - English Language: Level 3 or above;  
  - Mathematics: Level 2 or above;  
  - Liberal Studies: Level 2 or above; and  
  - An elective subject:  
Unless otherwise stated in the programme-specific subject requirements, the elective subject requirement is as follows:
  • Level 2 or above in a Category A elective subject, which may include Mathematics Extended Part (Module 1 or 2); or
  • 'Attained' or above in a Category B subject (excluding Applied Learning Chinese); or
  • Grade E or above in a Category C subject.
  Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE)  
  - Chinese Language and Culture (AS-level): Grade E or above~;  
~The following qualifications are considered equivalent to the Chinese Language and Culture requirement:
  • GCE (A-level/AS-level) Chinese: Grade E or above; or
  • GCE (O-level) / GCSE / IGCSE Chinese: Grade C or above; or
  • HKALE Chinese Literature / HKALE Chinese Language and Literature: Grade E or above; or
  • a language subject other than Chinese or English in the HKCEE: Grade E or above, and with a pass in an additional A-level/AS-level subject.
  - Use of English (AS-level): Grade E or above; and  
  - 2 A-level / 1 A-level + 1 AS-level / 4 AS-level subjects: Grade E or above.  
  International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma  
  An overall minimum score of 24  
  GCE A-Level / International A-Level  
  - 2 A-level / 1 A-level + 2 AS-level subjects: Grade E or above  
  • English Language and Chinese Language subjects shall normally not be counted as the subjects for meeting the requirement
  • English Language will be counted as the subject for meeting the requirement in the case of applying for admission to the Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours (BLSEHJ1) or the Bachelor of Education with Honours in English Language Teaching and Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours (BEDELSEHJ1) programmes.
  Completion of Year 1 study of a locally recognized Associate Degree or Higher Diploma  
Other equivalent overseas academic qualifications (as determined by the University)

   Bachelor's Degree - Senior Year Entry
Holders of Higher Diploma or Associate Degree (or equivalent)
Entry to specific programmes may involve additional requirements; please refer to the specific programme website.  
  - The programme duration is typically two to three years.   
Applicants will be considered for admission to different years of the study programme based on individual academic merits and other relevant factors.
   Senior year entry — Bachelor of Education with Honours in Early Childhood Education
   (Leadership and Special Educational Needs)
Holders of a recognized Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  Holders of a certificate in ECE as recognized by the EDB as an ECE teacher  
Any other equivalent qualifications

   English language requirement (for admission to Bachelor’s Degree - Year 1 / Senior Year
All applicants seeking admission to Degree programmes are required to meet ONE of the following English language requirements:
  - Higher Diploma or Associate Degree awarded by recognized local institutions;  
  - Level 3 or above in HKDSE English Language;  
  - Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):  
     Paper-delivered test: 60 or above (all three skills combined)  
     Paper-based test: 550 or above  
     Internet-based test: 79 or above  
  - GCE (A-level/AS-level) English: Grade E or above;  
  - GCE (O-Level) English: Grade C or above;  
  - GCSE/IGCSE English: Grade C / Grade 4 or above;  
  - International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in English: Grade 4 or above;  
  - International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Academic): overall band score of 6.0  
    or above;  
  - National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) English:  
     Hainan: 80 or above  
     Jiangsu: 600 or above  
     Other provinces: 100 or above  
  - SAT:  
     pre-March 2016 SAT: essay score of 8 or above on the SAT Reasoning Test  
     Redesigned SAT (from March 2016): score 590 or above in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing  
  - relevant equivalent qualifications as determined by the University.  

   Higher Diploma in Nursing Studies (General Health Care / Mental Health Care)
   Year 1 Entry
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination
  - Chinese Language: Level 2 or above;  
  - English Language: Level 2 or above;  
  - Mathematics: Level 2 or above; and  
  - any two subjects in Categories A or B (Level 2 or above required for Category A subjects and  
    ‘Attained’ or above required for Category B subjects (excluding Applied Learning Chinese).  
  Holders of a Pre-Associate Degree  
  Holders of a Diploma Yi Jin  
  Holders of a Diploma of Foundation  
  Studies awarded by the Vocational Training Council (VTC)  
Other equivalent qualifications (as determined by the University)

Explanatory Notes:



Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interviews. Applicants may be considered for admission to the programme they have applied for, subject to their performance in interviews and satisfying the entrance requirements. 


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