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Fees, Government’s Subsidy Schemes and Entrance Scholarships


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for Undergraduate Programmes (2021/22) Note 

Note: Please refer to NMTSS below.



Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Self-financing Undergraduate Studies (NMTSS)



OUHK’s full-time undergraduate programmes (excluding SSSDP and Higher Diploma Programmes) are eligible for this Subsidy Scheme. All eligible local students will be provided with a non-means-tested annual subsidy up to HK$33,100* depending on the number of credits of the courses taken.
Students’ eligibility for this Subsidy Scheme is subject to the fulfillment of stipulated requirements set by the Education Bureau (EDB). For details of the scheme and eligible programmes, please visit http://www.cspe.edu.hk/content/nmt-annual-subsidy.
*A student's eligibility for the NMTSS and the annual subsidy amount allocated in an academic year (AY) is subject to EDB's final approval. 
Only local students are eligible for subsidy under NMTSS.



Entrance Scholarship



The University offers entrance scholarship of HK$40,000 (full-time degree programmes) and HK$30,000 (full-time sub-degree programmes) to outstanding new students without requiring them to apply. Successful students may be awarded HK$40,000 again in subsequent years of study, subject to outstanding performance at the OUHK.

A number of donated scholarships are available for students demonstrating academic merit or improvement. In 2019/20, a remarkable 860 OUHK students received government scholarships totalling over HK$14 million. For more details, please visit the Students Affairs Office (SAO) website: www.ouhk.edu.hk/sao.



Notifications of the scholarship offers:
  • will be made prior to deadline for settling the balance of tuition payment in July 2021 or
  • will be issued together with the admission offer.

Maintained by: Admissions Office (Undergraduate)( regadmug@ouhk.edu.hk )
Modified Date: Jan 29, 2021