This is a 4-year programme offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences. In this programme, students will learn and apply the arts and crafts of animation, motion graphics and digital visual effects with a view to preparing themselves for advanced work in animation and other related fields. Facilities include a drawing studio, two new animation computer laboratories and one animation studio. Students in this programme will also share access to other facilities, such as the film editing lab and sound studios.

General Description of the Programme

This is a four-year full-time programme with courses offered in face-to-face mode. The programme aims to provide students with an in-depth education and professional training in Animation and Visual Effects. Students will be assessed continuously on the quality of assignments, projects, essays, reports, presentations and/or examinations. 

Aims and Objectives

Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to:

(a) Apply knowledge and skills professionally showing a thorough understanding of the works of animation and digital visual effects;

(b) Critically analyze and evaluate the global development of animation and digital visual effects;

(c) Create, design and produce original works of animation and digital visual effects with creative imagination, and professional quality;

(d) Master the techniques and skills for artistic creation in animation and digital visual effects to a level of sophistication.

Programme Coverage

Students in this program will receive an in-depth education and holistic training in both creative cultivation and technical mastery of the arts in animation and digital visual effects. Key areas of study and training are:

(1) Art History, Theory and Aesthetics, Drawing Skills;

(2) Creative Design, Cinematic, and Storytelling Skills;

(3) Animation Production; and

(4) Digital visual effects.

During the four years of study, students will need to complete at least 160 credits of courses, of which 40 credits are for general education and English language, and 120 credits for required and elective major courses.

The major courses in the first two years of study cover a wide variety of subject areas in aesthetics, arts, drawing, storytelling and media production. In the upper years, students will integrate theories and practices with productions and advanced projects.

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