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Fees, Government’s Subsidy Schemes and Entrance Scholarships

Self-Finance Degree|Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme|OUHK

The Open University of Hong Kong Offers Self-financed Degree for Students with passion for Further Education

OUHK's full-time undergraduate degree programmes are for all eligible local students with an annual subsidy depending on the number of courses taken.

In Hong Kong, the young generation is highly encouraged to pursue post-secondary education. Continuous education is one of the key components of maintaining quality and competitiveness of manpower in Hong Kong. With the Government's policy announcing such objective, apart from the traditional tertiary education programmes, a wide range of self-financed degree programmes is offered to meet the unique aspirations, interests and abilities of students while serving as an integral part of the post-secondary education in Hong Kong. The Open University of Hong Kong offers self-financed degree programmes across multiple disciplines, providing more opportunities and choices for people looking for higher education and accommodating the needs of growing demand towards specialised knowledge.

The self-financed degree programmes of the Open University of Hong Kong covers over 30 disciplines of study from various faculties and schools such as School of Arts and Social Sciences, Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, School of Education and Languages, School of Nursing and Health Studies and School of Science and Technology. Students from the self-financed degree programmes can pursue excellence through different bachelors with honours courses in the realm of psychology and mental health, politics and public administration, ageing society and services studies, professional accounting, hotel and sustainable tourism management, real estate and facilities management, language studies, electronic and computer engineering, sports and eSports management and a lot more. The scope of study offered is highly relevant to the dynamic and ever-changing market, sculpting high-calibre talents to provide expertise in work environment. As an alternative to UGC-funded programmes, the self-financed degree programmes offer the valuable chance to learn continuously to a wider audience with high flexibility.

With education quality in mind, all the above mentioned self-financed degree programmes are locally-accredited and are subject to the regulation of relevant ordinances. The programmes are listed on the Information Portal for Accredited Post-secondary Programmes - "iPASS", a major source of reference for students to understand the development of the post-secondary education as suggested by the Committee on Self-financing Post-secondary Education.

With the HKSAR Government's support of continuous education, the self-financed degree programmes are eligible for Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Self-financing Undergraduate Studies (NMTSS). Annual subsidy of up to HK$32,100 would be granted to all eligible local students, depending on the number of credits of the courses taken. All applications for the subsidy of self-financed degree programmes under NMTSS can be made through the Open University of Hong Kong. Apart from NMTSS, eligible students can also apply for various subsidy schemes offered by the Government and the university. These include the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP) and entrance scholarship.

Local students who are admitted to the self-financed degree programmes of the Open University of Hong Kong will have to take 40 credits in an academic year. To enrol, please check for details on the website of the university. The university also provides description, requirements and other important information of individual programme, kindly read the information of programmes offered online.

The Open University of Hong Kong has a proud 30-year history of providing quality higher education in Hong Kong, offering bachelor's degree programmes, taught master's degree programmes and other post-graduate programmes to those who look for further excellence in study. With a vision to be a leader in providing open and flexible education to all, and to excel as a provider of quality higher education, the university has grown into a leader in open and flexible education in the Asia Pacific region. Today, the university is the largest self-financing university in Hong Kong, serving as a home to more than 120,000 graduates.

Tuition Fees


    Tuition fees for Undergraduate Programmes (2021/22) Note 1
    Tuition fees for Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (2021/22)


 Note 1: Please refer to NMTSS below.



Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Self-financing Undergraduate Studies (NMTSS)



OUHK’s full-time undergraduate programmes (excluding SSSDP and Higher Diploma Programmes) are eligible for this Subsidy Scheme. All eligible local students will be provided with a non-means-tested annual subsidy up to HK$33,100*.
Students’ eligibility for this Subsidy Scheme is subject to the fulfillment of stipulated requirements set by the Education Bureau (EDB). For details of the scheme and eligible programmes, please visit http://www.cspe.edu.hk/content/nmt-annual-subsidy.
*A student's eligibility for the NMTSS and the annual subsidy amount allocated in an academic year (AY) is subject to EDB's final approval.
Only local students are eligible for subsidy under NMTSS.


Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP)




Local students admitted to OUHK’s SSSDP programmes are eligible for an annual study subsidy of up to HK$44,100 (non-laboratory-based programmes) or HK$76,800 (laboratory-based programmes), contingent on the number of credits of the courses taken.

Students’ eligibility is subject to the approval by EDB. For details of the scheme and subsidy amount for individual programmes, please visit http://www.cspe.edu.hk/sssdp.



Entrance Scholarship



The University offers entrance scholarship of HK$40,000 to outstanding new students without requiring them to apply. Successful students may be awarded HK$40,000 again in subsequent years of study, subject to outstanding performance at the OUHK.

A number of donated scholarships are available for students demonstrating academic merit or improvement. In 2019/20, a remarkable 860 OUHK students received government scholarships totalling over $14 million. For more details, please visit the Students Affairs Office (SAO) website: www.ouhk.edu.hk/sao.



The selected students will be informed of the scholarship offers by email and/or SMS on the JUPAS Main Round Offers announcement date.  

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