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2012 is an important milestone in the tertiary education community in Hong Kong, with the introduction of the 4-year bachelor’s degree programmes admitting students based on their Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination achievements; and at the same time, the admission of the last cohort of entrants for the 3-year bachelor’s degree programmes based on the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination.


The Open University of Hong Kong has for a long time, been offering 4-year bachelor’s degree programmes under the full-time face-to-face mode, admitting students from the Relevant Age Group (17 to 20).  We have taken the opportunity to review and fine-tune our curriculum in preparation for the S6 students taking the HKDSE with a different academic profile than the hitherto S7 students taking the HKALE.


In the new curriculum for 334, students will pursue the major area of studies, complemented by general education, consisting of purposely designed general education courses; out-of- discipline courses and English language courses.  In this way, their education experience in the Open University of Hong Kong is well-balanced, with a broad foundation and a strong in-depth coverage of their chosen areas of specialization, to meet the challenges in the forever changing world.

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