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4-year Curriculum Structure

Academic Reform in Hong Kong


The world has changed dramatically since the beginning of the 21st Century, with the advent of globalization, the knowledge-based society and economy, fueled by the advancement of technology and information technologies.  The 3-3-4 New Academic Structure represents the evolution of our education system, in response to the rapid changes in society, so that our younger generation could prepare themselves to meet the demand of the new society.


Under the New Academic Structure, students taking the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) would have been exposed to a broader and more balanced senior secondary curriculum, enabling them to foster whole person development to become a life-long learner and responsible citizen with a sense of national and transnational identity; a positive attitude towards life; respecting cultural diversity and values; be aware of, critical and reflective about contemporary societal, national, international, political and economic issues.


Our Philosophy


With the change in the profile of students entering universities, we have refined our curriculum, with a view to nurture students to live up to the challenges they face when they graduate from university.  Our new 4-year curriculum is designed to provide an overall all-round education experience to students primarily from the Relevant Age Group (17 to 20).  The curriculum is built around the University’s institutional outcomes which is a set of attributes describing what we expect our graduates to be able to do.  Incidentally, most of these outcomes are consistent with philosophy with which Hong Kong’s New Academic Structure was conceived, as highlighted above.


The Honours Degree Curriculum under 3-3-4


The Open University of Hong Kong has a long history and experience in offering 4-year undergraduate programmes leading to an honours bachelor’s degree.  We therefore have fine-tuned the curriculum by consolidating and re-grouping of our courses and contents.  Under the new curriculum, up to 75% of the credits are devoted to the major area of study.  There will be certain number of compulsory courses as well as elective courses in the major.  The other 25% or more of the credits are devoted to general education.  It consists of 12.5% of purposely design general education courses; 12.5% for non-discipline and English language courses.


While most of the honours degrees under 3-3-4 are 160 credits, 4 years in duration, there are also two programmes, 200 credits, 5 years in duration, and a double degree with honours programme, 200 credits, 4 years in duration.

Distribution of credits in the 4-year Bachelor’s degree with honours under 3-3-4


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