School Activities

In addition to regular activities related to efficiently and effectively offering programmes of studies and devising new programmes to meet the need of our fast developing society, the School of Arts and Social Sciences has been working vehemently to promote the exchange and generation of knowledge. Such activities include annual conferences, public lectures, regular China Studies/International Studies/Public Administration Forums, School seminars/lectures, outstanding students' award ceremonies and research undertakings. Information on some of these activities is highlighted below.


  1. Annual Conferences / Public Lectures.
  2. China Studies / International Studies / Public Administration Forums.
  3. School Seminar / Lecture.
  4. Outstanding Students' Award / Scholarship.
  5. China Studies Tour
  6. Taiwan Studies Tour
  7. Translation Competition Result Announcement
  8. Conference 2011
  9. OUHK Voluntary Services and Cultural Tour in Yunnan 2016

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Modified Date: Nov 11, 2016