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Dr Anna Wing-bo Tso

PhD (Birmingham, U.K.), MA, MA, BA (Hons)(HKU),
MEd (OUHK), PGDE (HKU), CELTA (Solihull, U.K.), LPAT (EDB HK)

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, School of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Anna Tso received her PhD in Applied Linguistics from The University of Birmingham, U.K. She is currently an Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the School of Arts and Social Sciences, where she heads the Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics (MAAEL) and directs the Digital Humanities Research Centre of the Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities (RIDCH).

Interested in children’s literature, gender studies, language arts and translation studies, Anna has published research articles in peer-reviewed journals across Asia, Europe, the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In her free time, she also writes plays, poems and short stories for leisure. Her adaptation of William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet was staged in the auditorium of the Shatin Town Hall in Hong Kong. It also won her the Outstanding Script Originality Award in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival in 2004. Her poem, Small Stories in a Big City was dramatized and presented by the HKU in the Fringe Theatre, Hong Kong in summer 2005. Also, A Pencil Case Love Story Foretold, her drama version of e.e. cummingss I Carry Your Heart, was performed in St. Georges Church in Edgbaston, England in 2006. Besides drama, her prose and verse have appeared in literary periodicals and national newspapers, including The Font, American Tanka, New Academia, and China Times.


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