Invited talks

1. RIDCH research talk on 4 Apr 2019: Higher Brothers and the Aesthetics of Featuring by Dr. Michael Cheuk, The Open University of Hong Kong; and Discourse Analysis on University Websites: A Case Study between Hong Kong and Taiwan by Mr Chor Kiu Lee, National Taiwan University. 
2. RIDCH research talk on 30 Oct 2018: Corpus Linguistics and Creativity in TV and Social Media English by Dr. Locky Law The University of Hong Kong

3. Research degree preparatory talk on 9 March 2017: Pursuing a Research Degree in Applied Linguistics by Ms. Joan Chung, doctoral student, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
4. Research talk on 12 April 2016: Corpus Linguistics as a Research Approach by Dr. Althea Ha, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
5. PhD preparatory talk on 31 March 2015: Moving onto a PhD by Mr. Noble Lo, PhD candidate, University College London
6. Research talk on 23 October 2014: Critical Discourse Analysis by Prof. Winnie Cheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
7. Research talk on 12 July 2013: Transitivity Based on Halliday's Systemic Functional Linguistics by Dr. Ian Chow, Chinese University of Hong Kong

8. PhD preparatory talk on 6 December 2012: Applying PhD Programs in Linguistics by Ms. Winnie Ho, PhD candidate, Lancaster University

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