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Specific Credit Transfer (SCT)

Successful applicants under this scheme will be awarded transferred credits known as specific credits.

Specific credits are awarded for a particular OUHK course specified in the requirements of a programme of study.  With the awarded specific credits for an OUHK course, a successful applicant will be exempted from taking that particular OUHK course.

Also, once specific credits are approved for a particular OUHK course, the applicant will be deemed to have obtained the credits for that particular course in fulfilling the programme requirements for graduation purpose.

No specific credit transfer is available for Pre-foundation level courses.

Also, no specific credit transfer application is allowed for the following courses offered by the School of Education and Languages which contain teaching practicum: ES861B, ES862C, ES863, ES870C, EP841C and EP842C.

More information about this scheme is contained in the page: More about Specific Credit Transfer (SCT).

Applicants should read also the page: Completing a second OUHK Programme with Advanced Standing/Credit Exemption if applications are based on an OUHK award.

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