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    University Identity
    Meaning of the logo of The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK)


    The sun and the moon are two separate planets and they are assembled to form the logo of The Open University of Hong Kong. The design concept of the logo is derived from the acronym “OU” of the English name “Open University”. With the letter “O” resembling the sun and the space between the two letters a crescent moon, the logo has a symbolic meaning of the flexibility of learning.

    Chinese calligraphy has been incorporated into the western-style logo. The clear and concise strokes of the Chinese name of the University were the masterpiece of the famous Chinese calligrapher Mr Qi Kung. Some say that the combination of the Chinese and Western styles symbolizes the wide variety of programmes provided by the university.

    As consistent and scrupulous use of the visual identity helps preserve and enhance the University’s image, guidelines for the use of the OUHK logo should be followed.

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