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The OUHK keeps its students, alumni, and supporters up to date on University news through several printed and online publications.
The 30th Anniversary Book chronicles the OUHK's 30 years of growth and development. With full colour illustrations, it highlights the University's fondest memories, key turning points and major achievements, decade by decade, from its foundation to the present day.
Published three times a year, Openlink features the latest developments and accomplishments of the University, scholarly activities, student stories and alumni news.
The monthly e-Bulletin provides a summary of the University’s latest news, upcoming events and programme information through its online platform.
annual report
OUHK Annual Review highlights the outstanding achievements of the OUHK and provides all-round information in many different aspects of the OUHK present and future development. The report reflects activities, initiatives, outcomes, and fundraising results for the period from 1 April of the previous year to 31 March of the current year. It also provides an overview of the University's financial performance.
annual report
OUHK Financial Report details the University's financial activities and conditions in the last financial year.
annual report
The OUHK Corporate Brochure provides a quick guide to the University's mission, background and latest developments.
ouhk press
The University also runs its own publishing company, the OUHK Press.

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