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Re-registration for Continuing Students (Postgraduate programme)

Continuing students need to re-register courses before the start of a term in order to continue studies. Follow these steps below to complete your re-registration.

Re-registration period for 2021 Autumn term: 12 July 2021 (9:30a.m.) to 30 August 2021 (11:59p.m.)

Step 1: Check your fees

Students will be charged according to the number of credits they take in a term.

Tuition fees per credit will remain the same throughout the duration of your studies at OUHK. It is calculated based on the tuition fee per credit at the time of your admission.

Check your programme fees per credit here if you are admitted in 2016/2017 to 2021/2022.

Step 2: Check course on offer

You are strongly encouraged to check Course Choice Advisement on MyOUHK to ensure you have completed the appropriate number of relevant credits in fulfillment of your degree requirements. A step-by-step guide of course choice advisement is available here.

For courses on offer in 2021 Autumn term, please see here.

Step 3: Complete your re-registration of courses

Complete your re-registration process online:

Click HERE or go to Current Students > Academic Services > Postgraduate programmes > Course Registration (Postgraduate programmes/courses delivered in face-to-face mode)
(Tips for the best experience, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.)
(b) Select the courses
(c) Make online instant payment
If you are unable to complete the re-registration process online, you may also complete the course registration form and submit it with payment to Admissions & Enrolment Office (Part-time & Postgraduate). Please email us at regae@ouhk.edu.hk to obtain the form.
Step 4: Submit Consent Form if you have registered for CEF course(s)

The Enhancement Measures for Continuing Education Fund (CEF) has been implemented on 1 April 2019. According to the Enhancement Measures, persons who attend CEF reimbursable course(s) are required to submit “Consent for CEF Course Participant upon Enrolment (Consent Form)” to the Course Provider before attending the course(s). Otherwise, the Office of CEF would be unable to process the application for fees reimbursement.

CEF course participants irrespective of whether they will apply for fee reimbursement are required to submit the Consent Form in person or by mail to the Admissions & Enrolment Office (Part-time & Postgraduate) of the Registry. (Click HERE to obtain Consent Form.) [Important: How to check CEF eligibility]

For more details about CEF, please visit CEF website: https://www.wfsfaa.gov.hk/cef


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