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Ms. Wong Wai Man 王慧雯

BSc CUHK, PgDip Wales


Email: wmwong@ouhk.edu.hk
Tel: 27686773


Ms Wong was born in Hong Kong. She received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Postgraduate Diploma in Library Science from the University of Wales.

With more than 30 years of experience in academic libraries, Ms Wong has demonstrated her foresight in the application of information technology in library service provision. She had established the CDROM Centre while working in the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1988. Upon joining the then Open Leaning Institute (OLI), she started promoting library automation in the OLI Library and had successfully automated library operations by 1994. These included implementation of the ‘DYNIX’ library automation system with all modules in the Library, establishing infrastructure and providing telnet access to the Online catalogue from anywhere in the campus, from home, and from the Hong Kong Public Libraries and establishing infrastructure for dial-up access to the OLI CDROM databases from outside the campus.

Realising that information access is of vital importance to distance-learning  students, Ms Wong strived to promote the use of e-library service in the hope that students can access library resources for their study round the clock anywhere. With the support of the University management and funding support from the Government, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Croucher Foundation, Ms Wong implemented a HK$40 million Electronic Library Project for the OUHK in 1997.  The Project, which was completed in early 2001, has enabled remote access to web databases, to CDROM databases, and to the locally digitised collection in pdf and xml document format.  The project also built an infrastructure including the building of a bilingual search engine for English and Chinese digital collection; the content management system for easy student access and easy maintenance; digital reserve book room; interlibrary loan system using workflow management; video streaming for user education; and remote access using direct dial-up and/or virtual private network. All these suit the special needs of distance learners in the OUHK. Because of the pioneering work on the e-library and the implication of the e-library model internationally for distance education, the OUHK won the international Stockholm Challenge Award conferred by the European Commission and the City of Stockholm in 2000. The success of e-library service  can be seen in the steady increase in usage rate by students since its implementation.   Ms Wong was also conferred the President's Award for Distinguished Achievements (OUHK) for the E-Library Project.  

In order to share OUHK’s experience in setting up the e-library with its international counterparts, Ms Wong organized the AAOU Librarians’ Roundtable for AAOU members, with delegates from 13 nations, in 1998.  She also organized the ICDE Librarians' Roundtable for ICDE members in 1999 with delegates from 17 countries. Ms Wong has published a number of papers on the implementation and use of e-library services, and she has also been invited to give presentations on library service provision in conferences to share her experience with professionals in the field.     

To cope with the  emergence of a digital learning environment for students in multiple learning modes in OUHK, Ms Wong initiated the migration of the ‘DYNIX’ library system to the ‘Aleph’ library management system in 2010. Digital products, including ‘SFX’ and “MetaLib’, were implemented in 2011,  and this has facilitated the direct linking up of full text articles and searching of databases in batches. The implementation of the next generation of searching and discovery tool ‘Primo” in OUHK in 2012 has made possible one-stop searching and discovery, which has greatly enhanced the user’s convenience and experience in information retrieval.

In order to facilitate students of local self-financing tertiary education institutes in information access, the OUHK, in collaboration with five other local self-financing higher education institutes, commissioned a  HK$50 million 3-year project in 2014, and with the Government’s QESS funding support, OUHK has succeeded in building a common library online platform for self-financing tertiary institutes in Hong Kong. This also serves the purpose of electronic book sharing and enrichment.  Ms Wong was appointed convenor of the project team to oversee the implementation of the project, which has been implemented on schedule. 

In order to ensure effectiveness of library service provision, Ms Wong has maintained close contacts with library users and established formal and informal communication channels between the library and the academics to ensure that library collection/ services meet users’ needs, which include the setting up of a Library Users’ Committee and appointing subject specialists from among the library professionals.  Over the past years, there has been a rapid expansion in library collections, and students have benefited from the enhancement in library service provision.  

Academic & Professional Experience

Fellow and Chartered Member, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, Taylor & Francis

Member, International Organization Committee, M-Library conference

Member of the Internal Validation Panel, Postgraduate Certificate of Archival Studies, SPACE, University of Hong Kong

Advisor on Library Services, Hong Kong Public Libraries, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Government

Member of the Academic Committee (Library and Information Science), SPACE, University of Hong Kong and Charles Sturt University

Selected Publications


  • Wong, Wai Man, Schafer, Steve, Watson, Elizabeth F & Fong, T.L. (Eds.). (1999). ICDE Librarians’ Roundtable, Oct 11-12, 1999, Hong Kong: Open University of Hong Kong. (ED438832) (http://www.ouhk.edu.hk/10th/roundtable/)
  • Wong, Wai Man, Parker, Sue, Jagannathan, Neela, & Fong, T.L. (Eds.). (1998). Asian Librarians’ Roundtable, November 2-3, 1998. Hong Kong: Open University of Hong Kong. (ED438833) (http://www.ouhk.edu.hk/~AAOUNet/round/round.htm)
  • Dingler, Steve & Wong, Wai-man (1988). Bibliographic Retrieval and Display in an online public access catalogue. Research Report No. FRG 87/88-20. Hong Kong Baptist University (formerly Hong Kong Baptist College), 1988

Book Chapters

  • Wong, Wai Man (1999). Electronic library services for distance learners – its developments in the Open University of Hong Kong. In the ICDE Librarians' Roundtable, 1999, ED438832, 82-85.
  • Wong, Wai Man (1998). Library services for distance learners in the Open University of Hong Kong. In the Asian Librarians' Roundtable, 1998, ED438833, 10-12

Journal Articles

  • Wong, Wai Man (2005). Dissemination of information in the developing countries: the personal computers and beyond. Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, 2(4),19-27.
  • Wong, Wai Man (2002). Digital Rights Management for a Chinese XML Text Centre. Xiandai Tushu Qingbao Jishu (Current Technologies for Library and Information Service) (ISSN 1003-3513), 93(Supplement), 172-177.
  • Hong, Weiyin, Thong, James Y.L., Wong, Wai Man and Tam, Kar Yan (2001/2). Determinants of user acceptance of digital libraries: an empirical examination of individual differences and system characteristics. Journal of Management Information Systems, 18(3), 97-124.

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