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Prof. Ho Kin Chung 何建宗

MSc Salford, PhD HKU

Dean of School of Science and Technology
School of Science and Technology

Email: kcho@ouhk.edu.hk
Tel: 27686800


Prof. K. C. Ho got his B.Sc (with Honours) degree in Biology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After graduation, he went to United Kingdom and studied in University of Salford at Greater Manchester for the M.Sc degree in Environmental Resources. Returned to Hong Kong after the M.Sc studies, he worked in the Environmental Protection Department (EPD, known as Environmental Protection Agency before April 1986) of Hong Kong Government from 1981 -1986 as Environmental Assistant (I) and was subsequently promoted to Environmental Protection Officer in April 1986. Before leaving the EPD, he was the Acting Senior Environmental Protection Officer in the Water Policy Group which was mainly responsible for developing the various legislation and policies in water quality and pollution control. Taking time after office hours, he studied by part-time in the University of Hong Kong and was awarded a Ph.D degree by in 1991 after 3 years’ research. His doctoral thesis related to significance of red tides in subtropical waters with particular reference to Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong.

He joined the Open Learning Institute (OLI, which was confirmed the status of self-accreditation in 1996 and upgraded by the Government to be The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) in 1997) in mid 1992 and took up the duties as Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Environmental Studies. Experiencing and contributing to the various academic accreditation and validation/re-validation exercises of the OLI and OUHK, he was appointed Associate Professor in Environmental Studies in late 1997 and promoted to ‘Professor’ rank in August 2002. From 2004-6, he took up a concurred post of Programme Leader in Applied Science which was mainly responsible for administrating relevant partnership, top-up degree programmes jointly offered by the IVE of VTC. Acting for the deanship of School of Science & Technology (S&T) of OUHK for almost 1.5 years (since September 2006), Prof. Ho was officially appointed the Dean of School of Science & Technology of OUHK in May 2008. Having served as Dean of S&T in OUHK, he has been concurrently appointed the “Ng Chun Man Professor in Environmental Science and Conservation” from February 2014 after rigorous internal and external assessment. Being enthusiastic in continuous learning, Prof. Ho has never discontinued his learning path. For examples, he has completed almost all academic requirements of the MBA degree of Herriot-watt University, UK and those for the M. Divinity degree of Hong Kong Baptist Seminary. Moreover, he got a number of academic and professional qualifications during his career life with relevant certificates being available for verification on request.

Selected Publications


  • 何建宗、黄儀強 (2014) “綠色使徒 – 環境領導和決策”, published by環球天道傳基協會. ISBN 9-789628-637-12. 196 pp.
  • Ho, K. C., Lee, W. F. F., Xu, J. L. S. and Wong, Y. K. (2014) (Eds.) E-proceedings of the International Conference on Biodiversity and Conservation of Wetland in South China (ICBCWSC-2014), 28-29 May 2014, OUHK, Hong Kong. (about 30 papers inclusive)
  • Ho, K. C., Lee, W. F. F., Xu, J. L. S. and Wong, Y. K. (2013) (Eds.) Beneficial Uses of Algal Biomass – Proceedings of the ICBUAB, October 2013, Hong Kong. ISBN 978-988-17779-4-2. 158 pp.
  • 何建宗、吳方笑薇 (2013) 水舞人間. published by Warrior Books. ISBN 978-988-12219-33. 204pp.
  • 何建宗、龔寶美 (2013) (主編) 綠色學校的發展與瞻– 2013 綠色領袖高峰(國際)論壇論文集. (The Development and Future Prospect of Green School – Proceedings of the Green Leaders Summit and International Forum 2013) ISBN 9-789-881-777980. 173 pp.

Journal Articles

  • Wong M.H., Ho K.C. and Kwok T.T. (1980) Water Pollution in several major streams entering Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong. Marine Pollution Bulletin 11 : 36-40.
  • Wong M.H., Ho K.C. and Kwok T.T. (1982) Heavy metals in Ulva actuca collected within Tolo Harbour, an almost landlocked sea. Hydrobiological Bulletin 16 : 223-230.3.
  • Lam C.W.Y. and Ho K.C. (1989) Phytoplankton characteristics of Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong. Asian Marine Biology 6 : 5-18.
  • Ho K.C. (1991) Water quality in the priority watercourses of Hong Kong in respect of various environmental control measures. Water Science and Technology 23 : 85-91.
  • Ho K.C. and Hodgkiss I.J. (1991) Subtropical red tide: an overview of its occurrence. Asian Marine Biology 8 : 5-23.

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