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The University Library System comprises two libraries. They are:

  • Stanley Ho Library
  • Ho Sik Yee Library
Library Resources Number

Number of Libraries


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Library Collection


  •    Printed & multimedia items
  •    Electronic Books
  •    Printed Serials
  •    Electronic Serials


Laboratory / Centre

There are four free access PC Laboratories to support OUHK’s active students, they are:
  • Room B0409 of Main Campus Phase I
  • Room D0605 of Jockey Club Campus
  • Room K0812 of Kwai Hing Campus
  • Room 107 of Lai King Campus

There are four Testing and Certification (T&C) Laboratories located in the Jockey Club Campus(10/F), they are:

  • Physical and Mechanical T&C Laboratory
  • Electrical and Electronic T&C Laboratory
  • Chemical and Microbiological T&C Laboratory
  • Project and Research T&C Laboratory

There are three Science Laboratories in the Main Campus, they are :

  • Lee Hysan Science Laboratory (A)
  • Lee Hysan Science Laboratory (B)
  • The Jockey Club Environmental Laboratory

There are 10 Creative Arts Studios and Laboratories located in the Jockey Club Campus (4/F), they are:

  • Photography Studio
  • Film/TV Studio
  • Film Editing and Graphic Laboratory
  • Digital Printing Laboratory
  • Visual Effect Studio
  • Animation Studio
  • Computer Graphics Studio
  • Multipurpose Art Studio
  • Art Studio
  • Sound Recording Studio
Language Laboratories
The language laboratories are located at Main Campus (Room C0410) and Kwai Hing Campus (K0822 and K0823).  The language system can broadcast real time A/V signals (e.g., voice, music or movies) or computer graphics from teacher PCs to PCs of individual students, student groups, the whole class or the projector.

The Clinical Nursing Centre

Located in the Jockey Club Campus, the Clinical Nursing Education Centre implements highly advanced computer technology and is specially designed to provide a risk-free clinical simulated learning environment for teaching and learning nursing skills pertaining to general nursing, mental health nursing, and Chinese medicinal nursing, from basic to advanced level.


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