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NOTICE : To comply with the requirements of the HKSAR Government's Office of the CEF, the University will not offer any tuition fee discounts or reduction to students applying for 'CEF reimbursable courses".


In April 2002, the Legislative Council's Financial Committee approved an allocation of $5 billion to set up a Continuing Education Fund (CEF).  OUHK students who have enrolled for an approved CEF course may apply to the Office of the Continuing Education Fund (OCEF) to open a personal continuing education account before the term commences (5 September 2016 for the 2016 Autumn Term - not simply before the first date of tutorials/ day schools/ surgeries).  Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served-basis, subject to the availability of funds.  For updated statistics on the Continuing Education Fund Scheme, you may visit this website: http://www.wfsfaa.gov.hk/sfo/eng/statistics/cef.htm . 

To be eligible for consideration of fee reimbursement, the applicant must have completed the CEF-approved course in compliance with CEF regulations, having passed it at the threshold prescribed by the Office of the CEF which may not be the same as the University's pass threshold set for the course.  Having satisfied the above and all other requirements of the Office of the CEF which it may prescribe from time to time, the eligible applicants will be reimburseed 80% of their fees, subject to a maximum sum of HK$10,000 (whichever is less)*, on successful completion of a reimbursable course. Courses eligible for reimbursement under the CEF include the following: Business Services, Creative Industries, Design, Financial Services, Language, Logistics, Tourism, and Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills for the Workplace.  A number of OUHK courses have been approved as reimbursable courses for such purpose. 

Each applicant may make four claims of reimbursement, subject to a ceiling of HK$10,000 within four years from the date the application for opening an account with CEF was approved.  The CEF account for the applicant will be closed once the fourth submission of claim has been made, no matter the claim was approved with reimbursement of fees or not, or when the full sum of HK$10,000 has been drawn or at the end of the four-year period notwithstanding any unclaimed balance remaining in the account.  Applicants are not eligible to re-apply CEF account opening in future. Therefore, OUHK students who are successful CEF applicants should take note of their respective approval date and expiry date for claiming reimbursement.  They should also be aware that any suspension in their studies including deferment of studies, or any assessment components of a course such as the compulsory dayschool, the examination sitting, and/or the requirement to resit the examination, would mean that the completion date of the course would be deferred.  It is the CEF applicants' responsibility to observe the four-year period and enquire with the OCEF on the related procedures for special circumstances. 


1.  Eligibility
Persons who:

  • are Hong Kong residents who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction (holders of one-way permits from Mainland China may also apply);
  • have enrolled in and paid the tuition fee for a reimbursable course before the course commences;
  • are aged from 18 to 65 at the time of application and submitting a Reimbursement Claim Form; and
  • upon seeking reimbursement of the fees, have not obtained any other public funds or publicly-funded financial assistance (eg. OUHK loan) for the same course.

2.  When to apply
Applicants should submit their  applications after they have been enrolled in, and have paid for, the first course for which reimbursement of fees is to be made and, in any event, before the commencement of that course. The Office of the Continuing Education Fund (OCEF) will not accept late applications.  The date of receipt of the application by OCEF will be taken as the date of application. 

OUHK students should submit their applications to OCEF before the course commencement date (i.e. For Distance Learning and Fact-to-face Postgraduate programme students, 5 September 2016 for 2016 Autumn Term, not the first date of tutorials/day schools/surgeries.)

The OUHK's CEF Institution Code is 007. 

List of Reimbursable Courses under Continuing Education Fund

*Please refer to the Courses Supplement for reimbursable courses under CEF on offer in future semesters. 

Application Procedures 

Reimbursement Procedures

For CEF reimbursable programme/courses run by the LiPACE, please call 3120-9988 or visit LiPACE's homepage.

3.  Further Information for CEF
If you like to know more about the method to claim reimbursement, news and events, and the most frequently asked questions regarding the Continuing Education Fund, please refer to the following.

4.  Enquiries
General enquiries about the Continuing Education Fund should be addressed to the Office of the Continuing Education Fund  (24-hour hotline : 3142-2277).  For enquires on OUHK reimbursable courses, please contact the Information Centre (Tel: 2711-2100; Email: info@ouhk.edu.hk). 

Guide to Registering

 The OUHK reserves the right to change its presentation of courses at any time.  

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