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Re-registration for Continuing Students (Postgraduate programme)

The University will accept course registration from the continuing students of the following  postgraduate programmes in the 2017 Autumn term from 18 July 2017 to 20 August 2017.
For courses offered in the 2017 Autumn term, please refer to the "Course on Offer" page.
School Programmes
School of Arts and Social Sciences
 Master of Arts in Applied Translation (MAAT)
 Master of Arts in Legal Translation (MALT)
 Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics (MAAEL)
 Master of Artsi in Chinese Literature (MACL)
 Master of Arts in Cultural and Heritage Tourism (English Version) (MACAHT)
 Master of Arts in Cultural and Heritage Tourism (Chinese Version) (MACAHTC)
 Master of Social Sciences in Autism Spectrum Disorder (MSSCASD)
 Postgraduate Diploma in Autism Spectrum Disorder (PDASD)
 Master of Social Sciences in International Economics and Development (MSSCIED)
Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration
 Master of Business Administration (MBAF)
 Master of Corporate Governance (MCGF/MCGF-S)
 Master of Human Resource Management (MHRMF)
School of Science and Technology
 Master of Engineering in Engineering Management (MEEM)
 Master of Engineering in Energy and Environment Technology Management (MEEETM)
 Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Sustainability (MSCEES)
 Postgraduate Certificate in Energy and Environmental Sustanability
 (Energy Management and Audits) (PCEES(EMA))
 Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Studies (PCES)
 Master of Science in Quantitative Analysis and Computational Mathematics (MSCQACM/MSCQACM1)
 Postgraduate Certificate in Computational Mathematices (PCCM)
 Postgraduate Certificate in Quantitative Analysis (PCQA)
 Master of Science in Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management (MSCSOHEM)
 Postgraduate Diploma in Safety and Occupational Health (PDSOH)
 Master of Science in Testing and Cerificate (MSCTC)
 Postgraduate Certificate in Testing and Certificate (PCTC)
 Master of Nursing (Chinese Medicinal Nursing) (MNCMN)
Registration Procedures
The 2017 Autumn term will start on 4 September 2017. Students who are active under respective programmes will receive email or letter regarding the registration arrangement.
Students who intend to enroll in course(s) could choose to complete the registration process by the following methods:
1) completing the Course Registration form--you can contact the Admissions & Enrolment Office (Part-time & Postgraduate) (email: regae@ouhk.edu.hk) if you wish to have a copy of the form. OR;
2) by online Course Registration--the online registration system will be opened from 18 July 2017 (2pm) to 20 August 2017 (11:59pm). Students could log in MyOUHK or go to Current Students > Academic Services > Course Registration (Face-to-face Postgraduate programmes) through the Student Portal to complete the registration procedures and make online instant payment.
Tuition Fee
For students admitted to the postgraduate programmes before the 2015 Autumn Term, the fee levels of the 2014-2015 academic year will become the lock-in-fee. For tuition fee of respective courses, please refer to the "Course on Offer" page.

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