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    Message from the President

    Prof. John C Y Leong, President

    August has arrived! It is therefore timely for me to send a message to you again. Two major physical additions to OUHK are imminent. The one to happen sooner is the opening of the Kwai Hing Learning Centre (KHLC) in September. At a cost of nearly $800 million to purchase, and an additional $150 million to furnish and equip to a state-of-the-art standard, it will replace the Island Learning Centre (ILC) in Shun Tak Centre to be the headquarters of LiPACE. There will be three times the space available for its functions.

    The one to happen a little later is the opening of the new building in the Campus Phase III, to be named the Jockey Club Campus, in early 2014. The building itself is now officially decided by the University Council to be named “Jubilee College”, to serve as a landmark of the 25th Anniversary of the founding of our University in 1989, originally as The Open Learning Institute of Hong Kong. At a cost of over $700 million to construct, furnish and equip, it will be the pride of OUHK, standing in a highly visible part of Homantin, bordering Princess Margaret Road on one side, and Chung Hau Street on the other. It opens a new phase of full-time face-to-face teaching in the 3 programmes to support three of the six crucial industries enunciated by the former Chief Executive, Mr. Donald Tsang. At the steady state, it will accommodate two and a half thousand students.

    The following new programmes have been launched in the last year. They are Master of Business in Research Methods; B.Ed. & Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Special Educational Needs); Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering; Master of Language Studies (Chinese Linguistics); BA (Hons), BA, & Associate in Chinese and English; BSc in Design and Innovation; Diploma & Certificate in Health Studies (Community Health Care) in distance learning, and BBA in Accounting; BSc (Hons) in Statistical Analysis (top-up); MSc, PgD, & PgC in Testing and Certification; MA in Applied English Linguistics in face-to-face learning.

    Three new heads have started work, including Ms. Monisa Wan Siu Man, Director of Human Resources; Dr. Cheung Kwok Wah, Dean of the School of Education & Languages; and Mr. Stephen Ng Chin Ming, Director of Public Affairs. Their relatively young age will enable them to bring new ideas and processes to help OUHK face the challenges of the coming decades. Also, a Division of Nursing has been established within the School of Science and Technology, headed by Professor Joseph Lee Kok Long. The establishment is a recognition of the huge growth of student enrollment in nursing and related health sciences in the last few years.

    Finally, I am confident that you will be excited by all these happenings, as I am excited by them.


    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    1 August 2013

    Prof. John C Y Leong, PresidentThe OUHK has been through an eventful year, and a number of other exciting new developments that are now taking place are giving us fresh impetus to extend the scope of our mission even further.

    First, there has been the progress on the New College, which is now taking shape near our existing Ho Man Tin campus. This facility will enable us to increase our annual student intake as well as the courses we offer. We took possession of the site and celebrated the start of work with the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New College-cum-Naming Ceremony of Jockey Club Campus held in February 2012. The event was presided over by Mr Michael Suen, Secretary for Education, and Mr Brian Stevenson, Chairman of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, which has given us a generous grant towards the cost of the new campus. Demolition and piling works have been taking place recently, and we aim to start the main construction work in October. Our target is to complete the new facility by the end of 2013.

    The estimated cost for the project now stands at HK$720 million. The Legislative Council has approved a HK$317-million interest-free loan for it; whereas The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has provided a HK$190-million grant for this purpose. Apart from these magnanimous contributions, the project has received other donations from many different quarters. I would like to convey my wholehearted thanks to all of you who have given us your enthusiastic and much-appreciated support. Yet, a considerable financing gap still remains. I would therefore like to call for further financial assistance from our alumni, our present students, the Hong Kong business community and everyone else who recognizes the importance of our mission to make education available to all through open and flexible learning opportunities. In this respect, I would point out that the Government's Sixth Matching Grant Scheme got underway in August 2012. For the coming two years, the Government will double the value of your donations by contributing HK$1.00 for every HK$1.00 you give us. This multiplying effect makes it a very appropriate moment for me to appeal for your generosity.

    Aside from the New College, we embarked on a pilot project to develop an Open Textbook System for Hong Kong. This will aim to establish a collaborative online environment for producing open-source teaching and learning materials that can be adopted and adapted at minimal cost for use by teachers and students at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. This open system will allow teachers to share and customize teaching materials, while students will be able to access digital textbooks via their PCs and mobile devices at any time and anywhere. The system will become a free, flexible and high-quality alternative to traditional textbooks. Another successful application to the Chief Executive's Community Project Fund, resulting in a munificent donation of approximately HK$17.5 million from The Hong Kong Jockey Club has enabled us to roll out this important new initiative, which will take our mission of education for all to the next level.

    Collaboration and partnership with other educational institutions in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas are equally important to us. We have taken great strides to bolster these in recent months. Earlier this summer, the OUHK and 11 other local higher education institutions signed a memorandum of understanding with 13 of their mainland counterparts. The agreement provides for an increase in the number of educational and research activities and short-term visits between the participating institutions on a self-pairing basis.

    Another example of our collaborative endeavours has been the establishment of an alliance with the Professional Validation Council of Hong Kong Industries to provide ongoing professional development programmes for its members. In addition, we signed a memorandum of understanding with the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre, under which we will collaborate in arranging seminars, technical visits and practical training.

    Moreover, we hosted many seminars and conferences in recent months. I would particularly like to highlight a major forum on the topic 'How eco-friendly does Hong Kong want to be, and can it be?' that was co-organized by our School of Science and Technology and the Tien Dao Worldwide Christian Media Association in June 2012. This brought together almost 40 prominent environmental group leaders, local experts, legislators, academics, and community and religious representatives. The designated Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, also attended this very fruitful and successful event.

    On the other hand, we are further broadening the spectrum of the educational opportunities we offer by introducing a number of new academic programmes on subjects such as linguistics and language studies, testing and certification, design and innovation, healthcare and education.

    In outlining our present and future endeavours, I would like to mention several noteworthy celebrations that took place at the OUHK during the past months. One of these was the 20th birthday of our Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE). Over the past two decades, LiPACE has been dedicated to provide professional and continuing education programmes for people of all ages and from all walks of life. It has now extended its scope to include full-time, overseas degree and community learning programmes. We celebrated the Institute's remarkable achievements with a line-up of seminars and forums, an open week highlighting student art, and an anniversary banquet. We would like to congratulate our colleagues in LiPACE for their continuous efforts, and we look forward to seeing even greater achievements by them in the coming years.

    Finally, I had the honour of being named as 'Leader of the Year 2011 in Education/Research'. I accepted this title humbly, because I know it is the result of the dedication and commitment of all our students, alumni, colleagues and friends in the community. Your unfailing support has enabled us to become an exceptional centre of educational excellence: not an academic ivory tower, but a place full of pulsating energy that beats in unison with the heart of our vibrant city.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    31 August 2012

    Prof. John C Y Leong, PresidentThe last time I communicated with you was August 2010. Amongst the many interesting activities and developments in the last year, the most exciting one must be the successful bidding of a piece of land on Chung Hau Street, just a stone's throw from our main campus. This was one of the three pieces of land offered by the Education Bureau for development of self-financing tertiary education institutions. Colleagues spent many laborious hours to develop a proposal, incorporating an Educational Development Plan and a Site Development Plan, which was submitted in August 2010. Amidst other stiff competitive bids and after an anxious wait of nearly four months, we were informed in early December 2010 that our application had been successful.

    This paved the way for a significant expansion of our limited campus space. We have provisionally called it the New College. The College will support the OUHK in offering programmes to produce graduates to support three of the six crucial industries announced by the HKSAR Chief Executive in his Policy Address in October 2010, namely, cultural and creative arts, testing and certification, and medical services. Physical and technological facilities to be provided will also ease the pressure on these facilities in our Campus Phases I and II.

    I am pleased to let you know that the Legislative Council has approved a $317 million interest-free government loan, and The Jockey Club Charities Trust has pledged a donation of up to $190 million, to support the project. The cost for the development, as estimated in 2010, is in the region of $634 million. I appeal to your generosity to make a donation, however big or small, towards this worthy cause.

    The piece of land requires rezoning for educational purpose and this has been passed by the Town Planning Board recently. A consultant architectural firm has already been engaged and detailed planning of the building is in progress. The new building will have a gross floor area of some 21,000 square metres, providing state-of-the-art tutorial rooms, active learning classrooms, Learning Commons, large and medium-sized lecture halls, a library, specialized laboratories, student amenity areas, a multi-purpose hall, etc. It is planned to be completed for use in the autumn semester of 2013.

    Apart from the New College project, we have had many other exciting developments over the year. Among the highlights was the opening of the Jockey Club Audio Visual Production Centre, which is equipped with the latest digital equipment and facilities for the production of high-quality educational TV programmes and the enrichment of our audio-visual materials. The project was made possible by a generous donation of $15.56 million from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

    In November 2010, we celebrated our 21st birthday at a banquet attended by over 700 students, alumni, staff and guests, with Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, as our Guest of Honour. The annual Scholarship and Bursary Awards Presentation was graced by Mr Gerald C S Siu, a member of our Sponsorship and Development Fund Committee, who had earlier donated $10 million to the OUHK.

    At the international level, we co-hosted the Association of Commonwealth Universities Conference of Executive Heads in April 2011. The conference provided a platform for academics and educational experts from 22 countries and regions to share views on the theme of 'Higher Education in Hard Times — Risk, Reputation, Reform: Developing New Business in a Changing Environment'.

    In line with the global open courseware movement, we expanded the reach of our learning and educational materials. Initiatives taken in the year included joining Apple's iTunes U, launching the Open Learning digital learning platform, and collaborating with LG Electronics HK Limited to become the company's Smart TV content partner.

    On the academic front, we continued to expand our programmes to meet the needs of society. We introduced two full-time face-to-face nursing programmes to meet the continued strong demand for medical nurses, and launched two distance learning Bachelor's Degree programmes on testing and certification in response to the Government's strategic direction to drive the development of the industry.

    In a new collaborative effort, LiPACE joined hands with Midland Holdings to roll out the 'Midland Real Estate Professional Development Project', which include the launching of a Diploma in Real Estate Management programme in September 2011. In addition to the collaboration, we received a generous donation of $2 million from Midland Charitable Foundation in support of our educational development.

    With the '3+3+4' system coming into effect in the tertiary education community in 2012, we have established new entry criteria for our full-time undergraduate programmes, refined our curriculum structure and strengthened general education courses. Fully prepared for the reform, we are committed to providing a well-rounded educational experience to students.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    29 August 2011

    Prof. John C Y Leong, President

    A year has passed since I last communicated with you on our website. Our University continues to launch new academic programmes, either in response to new demands in the society, or in anticipation of perceived demand in the near future. Examples of new F2F programmes include a Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Sustainability (MSCEES), and Master of Engineering (Energy and Environmental Technology Management) (MEEETM), which are the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Indeed, OUHK is the first University to offer environmental studies programmes locally. The new programmes focus on practical applications. A joint top-up degree programme offered by OUHK and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants will enable the Institute’s accredited accounting technicians (AATS) to achieve a full degree in professional accounting. This programme is one of our first to use a blended-learning mode. Another example is a new distance learning Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education programme and a new Bachelor of Education programme for pre-primary education practitioners with diplomas or certificates to further upgrade their professional qualification. Other distance learning programmes include Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (Hons.), in Mathematical Studies, and Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Statistics and Decision Science.

    LiPACE has achieved significant increase of student enrollment in 2009 compared to the previous year. The Yi Jin programme alone recorded a 72% growth. It has also greatly expanded collaboration with Middlesex University and University of Salford in the U.K. for degree programmes in Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Psychology, Fashion Design, Styling, Promotion, and Photography. To meet the demand for physical space and facilities for its huge increase of students and new programmes, it has negotiated with the Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA), which is a long-time partner of LiPACE, to establish a new OUHK-CITA Learning Centre in Lai King. The Centre (OCLC) covers more than 3,000 sq. meters, including classrooms, computer rooms, a design studio and student amenities.

    With the mission to provide education for all, we have continued to mount initiatives to open up our educational resources to the public free of charge. The latest development is the launching of “Open Learning”, which is a brand new digital learning platform to give the public free access to our rich educational resources. Although the OUHK already has an official webpage, and a learning platform called the Online Learning Environment (OLE) for students who have enrolled on courses, the “Open Learning” makes available some of our education resources for free for everyone and build a learning community.

    Another exciting development is our inclusion in the Fifth Government Matching Grant Scheme. We have already been successful in overshooting the one-to-one matching “protected” amount of $45 million.

    Some of the more popular activities of our 20th Anniversary Celebration programme, not yet reported in my last communication, included a seminar by renowned novelist Professor Liu Yichang sharing his writing experience with the audience, at which he was appointed as Honorary Professor of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) programme in Creative Writing and Film Arts; a lecture by Professor Edward K.Y. Chen, former President of Lingnan University on “Financial Tsunami and Asia’s Emergence as a Global Leader”; the Financial Summit on Hong Kong’s International Financial Status which featured speakers including Professor K.C. Chan, HKSAR Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr. Paul M.Y. Chow, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Mr. Benjamin P.C. Hung, Chief Executive of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong), Mr. Paul M.P. Chan, Legislative Councillor (Accountancy), Professor Francis T. Lui of HKUST, and Mr. David Y.T. Lui, Vice Chairman of Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited. The 20th Anniversary Banquet with the appropriate banquet theme of “A Leap to Success” was attended by over 800 people, and the Guest-of-Honor was Mr. Wong Yan Lung, SC, Secretary for Justice.

    The annual Scholarship and Bursary Awards Ceremony was graced by Dr. Tin Ka Ping, a long-time supporter of our University, who donated another $3 million on that occasion.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    16 August 2010

    Prof. John C Y Leong, President

    A year flies by very quickly. It was August 2008 when I last wrote a message to you. Since being established by Government in 1989 as the Open Learning Institute of Hong Kong, the OUHK – a relatively young university of 12 years' standing – is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year.

    The Campus Phase II was completed and put into use in September 2008, followed by a housewarming party on 6 October 2008. The official opening ceremony, which also launched our 20th Anniversary Celebration, was officiated by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government, the Honorable Donald Tsang, on 11 February 2009. The Secretary for Education, the Honorable Michael Suen, was also a Guest-of-Honour.

    A very comprehensive celebration programme was compiled by the 20th Anniversary Celebration Steering Committee, chaired by Mr Vincent Woo, our Honorary University Fellow and a long-term supporter of OUHK. The programme includes academic and professional seminars and symposia, open lectures and a legal and literary translation competition open to the public. There are also social and cultural activities, such as a classical music concert by virtuoso violinist Kolja Blacher and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra on 2 October 2009, and the Anniversary Banquet on 7 November 2009.

    To enhance our relationship with the public, the celebration activities included two Anniversary Open Days of our campus on 21 and 22 March 2009, during which 1,200 visitors got to know more about the OUHK and our modes of learning. To further harness our relationship with our alumni, the Public Affairs Unit's work in alumni affairs has been strengthened with the recruitment of a Senior Alumni Affairs Officer. About 400 alumni came back to the OUHK on the Alumni Homecoming Day on 17 May 2009. Similar events were held in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Shunde, Hangzhou and Shaanxi for our alumni in mainland China.

    Two major initiatives have been launched for our academic programmes. The first is to restructure our programmes into an outcome-based learning experience. The second is intense planning to offer blended learning as our long-term strategic move to provide quality and innovative education for all.

    Dr the Honorable Charles Lee, who has served as Chairman of the University Council for 10 years, retired in June 2009 because of the statutory limit on the years of office. A dinner hosted by the present and past Members of the University Council was held in his honour on 23 June 2009, with the attendance of the Secretary for Education, the Honorable Michael Suen. We are most grateful for the tremendous efforts that Dr Lee has made to help and support the OUHK, particularly in raising huge amounts of donation for our campus extension. Dr Eddy Fong has been appointed by the HKSAR Chief Executive to be our Council Chairman. He has served as a Member of the University Council for 6 years and as Treasurer for 5 years. We look forward to his enlightened leadership.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    14 August 2009


    Prof. John C Y Leong, PresidentThe past year has indeed been a very eventful and exciting time for the OUHK. Starting from 1 January of this year, we have been included in the Government Matching Grant Scheme for donations received for the first time. Apart from the very significant amounts of donations and matching grants that the University has received, this has once again demonstrated that Open University of Hong Kong is treated equally by the government and the community with the publicly funded institutions. The amount donated for this purpose was $92.1 million, and the amount matched was $68.6 million, giving a total of $160.7 million. Of these, our alumni contributed more than $1.2 million.

    The Campus Phase II is nearing completion, and will open for use as scheduled in autumn this year.

    On the education front, last year saw the launch of our first wholly on-line programme, a Master of Law in Chinese Business Law offered in Chinese language, and also in English by October this year. With this programme, we have added to our family students from many different parts of the world, which is another milestone in the history of the University.

    We continue to offer more innovative programmes in line with the changing needs of our society. In the pipeline is a new Bachelor of Arts (Hons) programme in Creative Writing and Film Arts offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences, and later a new Master of Education in Drama and Language Education by the School of Education and Languages.

    The two full-time degree nursing programmes offered by the School of Science and Technology have recently been given full accreditation by the Hong Kong Nursing Council. In addition to our present partner hospitals (Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, Castle Peak Hospital, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and Union Hospital), we are in the final stages of negotiations with St. Paul’s Hospital and hospitals under the Hospital Authority on co-operative arrangements. The $11 million Clinical Nursing Education Centre was opened in May. It is the first integrated teaching centre for general, mental and Chinese medicinal nursing in Hong Kong to provide advanced computer-simulated clinical training.

    The $80 million Centre for Innovation is now working tirelessly to create a new learning environment that blends the strengths of distance learning, face-to-face teaching and online learning, which we think is the way forward for higher education in the future.

    Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the Open Learning Institute/Open University of Hong Kong. A full celebration programme incorporating a series of academic, cultural and social events will be launched starting in November this year. We cordially invite all alumni to actively take part in these events. And for those alumni who have not been in contact with us for some time, we urge you to resume contact with us through the Public Affairs Unit (Telephone 2768 6366; Fax 2789 0323; Email:

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    1 August 2008


    Prof. John C Y Leong, PresidentI have served the University for three full years (as at 30 November 2006). It is perhaps the right time for us to look back at what we have achieved.

    2006 is a challenging but fruitful year for the OUHK. Our campus extension work is now progressing full steam ahead following a ground-breaking ceremony in August, with the target completion date set in late 2008. Campus Phase Two will be a 12-storey structure with a total gross floor area of 11,000 square metres linked to the present main building. It will provide 30 more classrooms and can accommodate 1,600 students. Besides teaching and learning facilities, there will be more space for use by students for study, discussion and social activities. The top floor, measuring over 10 metres in height, has been designated as a multi-purpose hall for sports and other large-scale extracurricular activities. Once the campus extension is completed, its classrooms together with those in Campus Phase I and the learning centres in Ho Man Tin Plaza and Sheung Wan will provide 80% of the number required for our teaching.

    We have been most heartened by the $100 million-plus donations and pledges from philanthropists, alumni, students and staff towards the campus extension. Support from alumni alone has amounted to over $1.3 million, and many of them did so in response to the Campus Development Alumni Donation Matching Scheme initiated by our Honorary Fellow Mr. Vincent Woo and the Alumni Link talk on 'Success in Real Estate' of Hang Lung Group Chairman Mr. Ronnie Chan. Despite having secured a $120 million interest-free loan from the HKSAR Government, we are still making efforts to raise more funds so as to allay the repayment pressure in future.

    OUHK alumni have also pitched in to make a matching campaign for the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund a resounding success. Their $250,000 donations were matched two to one by the Drs. Richard Charles & Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation this year, making available two scholarships and 65 bursaries to fellow students during the year. Next year the Foundation will continue to support the Fund on a 1:1 basis.

    Our student assistance grants received a major boost during the year with the establishment of the $8 million 'Li Koon Chun Education Fund' by former Council member Miss Gladys Li, SC, JP in memory of her late grandfather. The Fund is expected to benefit more than 1,000 students in the next ten years.

    Since the launch of our full-time programmes in 2001, student numbers have been moving upward and reached over 2,100 this year. Among the 1,300 newly enrolled students, half are in Year One and about 45% in Year Three, proving once again the attractiveness of our through-train approach to a first degree to school leavers and sub-degree holders. To meet the needs of new students, our course material distribution centre on the lower ground floor of the campus has been relocated and converted into nine classrooms. With the OUHK's entry into the Joint University Programmes Admissions System, tens of thousands of applications have been coming in from Form Seven students for seven out of our 20-plus full-time degree programmes for the 2007/08 academic year.

    The year also saw our graduate number soar to a new high of 45,000. Among the 6,700 graduates this year, 1,400 were from mainland China, 40% received bachelor's degrees, 45% postgraduate qualifications and one a doctoral degree.

    Besides our distance learning and full-time studies, we have worked closely with various sectors of the community to offer continuing and professional education to meet particular needs. An increasing number of police new recruits completed the certificate programme we launched together with the Police College early this year. The success of the programme encouraged us to extend it to serving police officers next year. Likewise, the Professional Diploma in In-flight Service we offered together with Cathay Pacific Airways and the Capacity Building Mileage Programme we co-organized with the Women's Commission and Commercial Radio recorded more student enrolments. Besides partnering with the Castle Peak Hospital and Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital in training degree nurses, we also reached agreement with Baptist Hospital to do the same in September. And in addition to serving the local and mainland China community, we licensed more course materials for use by institutions such as those in Singapore and Malaysia this year.

    Thanks for your support to the OUHK. With the concerted efforts of students, alumni, colleagues and friends from the community, we are confident of doing even better in 2007.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    29 Dec 2006

    Prof. John C Y Leong, PresidentI am delighted to report that the OUHK has already received gifts and pledges in excess of $95 million for the Campus Phase Two project. After the approval in June last year by the Finance Committee of the HKSAR Legislative Council of a $120 million interest-free loan, the University’s strenuous fund-raising efforts have reaped fruitful results. Besides support from our friends in the community, about 170 graduates, alumni and students have also shown their solidarity and allegiance to their alma mater by contributing a total of over $1.2 million.

    With the staunch backing from these partners, we can start construction as scheduled in the third quarter of this year, with target completion by the end of 2008. An architectural consultant and a quantity surveying consultant have been appointed. Topographical surveys and ground investigation works are now underway. We are gratified to continuously receive suggestions and ideas from our students, alumni and staff at the discussion forum on the OUHK website (

    Our campus extension goes hand-in-hand with the development our full-time programmes, of which the number of students has now exceeded 1,200. The campus in Ho Man Tin, built in 1996, was constructed based on the needs of distance education. With the launching of our full-time, face-to-face programmes in recent years, students would naturally yearn for more campus space and facilities for study, discussion, gatherings and extra-curricular activities. Our 20-plus student bodies and interest groups are making campus life more colourful than it used to be.

    The number of applicants for our full-time programmes last year was beyond our expectations, but we could only take in about 900 new students because of the limitations of our campus capacity. This shows clearly that the through-train approach to a first degree is attractive to school leavers. The OUHK has so far recruited full-time students on its own rather than through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) used by other local universities. However, we shall join JUPAS in 2007/08 and by then students will find it more convenient to apply for a place here.

    As a self-financing institution, it is imperative for the OUHK to explore new areas of development and respond quickly to the education and training needs of society. Not long ago we launched two new part-time face-to-face Master's programmes in Applied Translation and Liberal Studies. We have also sent our staff to the Hong Kong Police College to teach their new recruits, and collaborated with Cathay Pacific Airways to provide professional diploma training in inflight services. To promote learning among women, we have continued to organize with the Women's Commission and Commercial Radio the Capacity Building Mileage Programme. In the year to come, we plan to offer e-learning opportunities to overseas communities, secure more overseas partnerships to market our programmes and recruit school leavers from mainland China.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    19 May 2006

    Prof. John C Y Leong, President

    Since I became a member of the OUHK family in December 2003, I have identified campus development as one of my work priorities, as inadequate space for teaching and learning has been a problem at the OUHK's Ho Man Tin campus and Island Learning Centre in Sheung Wan for some time. I am delighted to report that recently we have secured funding support from the T S Kwok Foundation to kick off planning for our second phase campus extension on top of the existing carpark space at Ho Man Tin. We are also applying for a loan from the Hong Kong SAR Government to pay for part of the construction cost.

    However, before the new campus construction can be completed in late 2008 or early 2009, we have come up with some interim measures to deal with our space problem. Firstly, we have rented the first floor of the neighbouring Ho Man Tin Plaza for use as a teaching centre. Secondly, we shall move the office of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education in Sheung Wan to a nearby commercial building to make room for more classrooms.

    While donations towards our new campus development from other sponsors are still coming in, I would like to call on our alumni and graduates to get involved in this project and strengthen their ties with each other and with their alma mater. We would be most grateful if some alumni and graduates could also come up with some creative fund-raising ideas. A webpage ( and an online forum have been set up especially for such an exchange of views and suggestions. Members of the OUHK family and others are most welcome to go there and have a look at our initial plans, which include naming opportunities, souvenir sales and reunion activities. Don't leave the page without giving us some feedback and telling us in what ways you would like to participate in these activities. Let's work together to bring the OUHK to greater heights!

    Please click to download Support for Campus Phase Two Project

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    15 May 2005

    Prof. John C Y Leong, President

    It has been a year since I joined OUHK.

    Recent developments in education -- such as growing interest in vocational subjects, an explosion of associate degree places and institutions, and the proposed change of the education system in Hong Kong to a 3+3+4 pattern -- call for an overall review of degree education opportunities in Hong Kong. Such a review should include not just the roles and contributions of institutions funded by the University Grants Committee, but all higher education providers in Hong Kong.

    Distance learning certainly could play a larger role in our higher education system. In the future it could become a part of the new four-year university programmes, allowing students to gain experience in a work-based environment and perhaps earn some income to pay for part of their tuition fees. Having gone through a distance education mode will also facilitate students' ability to pursue postgraduate studies in such a mode in the future, when they will be working full-time.

    It is also time that we caught up with advanced countries and introduced a credit transfer system across our higher education institutions. Instead of students being restricted to areas of studies offered by their own institutions, the system allows students to enrol in courses provided by other institutions as well. This not only widens the perspective of the student but also bodes well for academic cross-fertilization. We at the OUHK have had a full credit-based system since our inception.

    In view of the proliferation of associate degree holders, it is likely that before long more students will want to articulate to a full degree. Moreover, the recent document on 'Reforming the academic structure for senior secondary education and higher education' stated that in future students will be required to choose Key Learning Areas that will develop their potential and open up pathways for future studies. A significant proportion of these areas are in career-oriented studies, such as design, media, leisure, tourism and hospitality. Many who choose such subject areas will want to go to university and obtain a full degree in the same areas. In response, the universities and other degree-granting institutions will have to set up such courses and programmes to satisfy the needs of the students. In this there should be more rational planning for role differentiation, encompassing all local degree-granting institutions in Hong Kong. A case can be made for many of these subject areas to be catered for by the non-UGC institutions, such as the OUHK.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    30 Nov 2004

    Prof. John C Y Leong, President

    It has been nearly four months since I joined the OUHK.

    If you often log on to our website, you would have noticed that we have made steady progress in a number of areas in this period.

    Firstly, the status of the OUHK as an important player in the field of open and distance education was well recognized with our hosting of an international conference at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 18 to 21 February. The conference -- a biennial event of the International Council for Open and

    Distance Education -- was officiated by Secretary for Education and Manpower Prof. Arthur Li and attended by over 500 education experts and administrators from over 50 countries. Another major academic activity organized by us was the Mainland-Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macau Environmental Forum in early January, which was participated by over 100 scholars. While such exchanges between experts provide a chance for them to share knowledge and as a result bring benefits to people in different parts of the world, our partnership with the Women's Commission of Hong Kong and Commercial Radio Hong Kong to offer capacity building courses for women at the grassroots level from early March is another example of our community involvement.

    One of the topics of discussion at the above world conference on open and distance education was the use of innovative technology to promote learning, an area which the OUHK has invested an increasing amount of resources in recent years. Apart from an electronic library and an online learning platform, web-supported administrative services are made available to our students all the way from enrolment to graduation. And from April this year, we will pilot a new bilingual online learning platform which students will find even more user-friendly.

    The OUHK's increasing reliance on IT support in course delivery over the years has gone hand-in-hand with the expansion of the number of programme offerings. With a view to giving more choices to students, we have decided to offer six more full-time, face-to-face degree programmes from September this year, and the total number of such programmes will reach seven as a result. Moreover, we have planned to launch three new distance learning programmes -- Doctor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts (and Honours) in Chinese Language and Literature, and Bachelor of Language Studies (English) (and Honours) -- in October.

    On the Mainland front, I made my first official visit to the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian in early January and signed agreements with Shunde Polytechnic College and the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology on offering joint MBA and undergraduate degree programmes respectively. Later on we also concluded an agreement with Nanjing University and the Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Charity Fund to offer the MBA programme in Nanjing. In line with our plan to provide continuing education to employees of businesses in the Pearl River Delta, we have been conducting a survey with the Guangzhou Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation to ascertain their training needs. Likewise, we have started discussions with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council on the carrying out of a similar survey among Hong Kong-based companies in the Delta.

    The OUHK was established in 1989 and will be 15 years old later this year. To commemorate this important milestone, we are planning to organize a series of activities to not only bring together OUHK members and friends, but also to further promote the University and our mission. Details of these activities will be announced in the next few months. We look forward to having you with us during these joyful occasions.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    17 Mar 2004

    This is my first week at the OUHK and perhaps the right time for me to say hello to you.

    As President of the University, I feel proud to have this exciting and challenging opportunity to lead one of the most unusual and remarkable institutions in Hong Kong.

    Maybe it is premature for me to craft any new strategy or concrete plans for the development of the OUHK. Indeed I believe our future will be best guided by the collective wisdom and the very successful experiences residing in our Council and staff, and be oriented by the needs of our community which is on the way to become a knowledge-based society. Building on our previous accomplishments and strengths, the University will continue to see spectacular developments and breakthroughs. In our next stage, I can envision some major initiatives in these areas:-

    1. Teaching and learning will continue to be enriched in media and improved in flexibility, through the adoption of more innovative technology and creative approaches.
    2. Our status will be better recognized by the public, through integration into the University Grants Committee in the near future.
    3. We will aim to construct the Campus Phase II Extension with a combination of private and public funding.
    4. We will continue to increase the breadth and depth of our programmes while maintaining their rigorous academic standards.
    5. Our education will be extended further, particularly to the mainland or even overseas communities, thereby expanding our network and scope of services.
    6. We will solicit more financial support for our students.

    It is essential for us to undertake all these in the light of our mission to offer education for all -- an education that has helped realize the untapped potential of many talented people. We will remain committed to providing courses and programmes of the best quality, in the meantime ensure that our awards and qualifications are widely recognized and our institutional name a hallmark of academic excellence.

    Contact with our students to gather input regarding your experiences and thoughts is vital to keeping our leadership sensitive and our management responsive. My colleagues and I look forward to hearing from you and sharing with all the wonderful events and accomplishments in the days to come.

    Signature of President

    Prof. John C Y Leong
    05 Dec 2003

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    Modified Date: May 05, 2014

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