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    OUHK Great Speakers Series

    Great Speakers Series


    January - March

    31st January
    Ms. Lee Mei Yin - Rambling through Dunhuang
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    October - December

    27th October
    Mr. Franklin Lam Fan-keung - Hong Kong's Next 5 Years - Make or Break Time
      Event closed

    July - September

    10th August
    Mr. Yim Ho - Do you eat healthily?
      Event closed
    4th July
    Prof. C F Lee - Buddhism from a Science Perspective
      Event closed

    January - March

    24th March
    Prof. Richard Wong - An Economic Framework for Analysing Issues in Education
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    27th February
    Prof. Wei Shyy - From Natural Flyers to Advances in Aerospace Engineering
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    23rd January
    Prof. Liu Zaifu - The Spiritual Divergence of the Four Chinese Masterpieces
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    11th January
    Deputy Commissioner Tong Xiaoling - Fresh Progress in China's Major-Country Diplomacy
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    October - December

    18th October
    Prof. Joseph Ting - Hong Kong in Eyes of Sojourners 1839-1945
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    July - September

    8th September
    The Hon Jasper Tsang Yok Sing - "An Executive-led Government" - a myth or reality?
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    18th July
    Prof. Yau Shing Tung - Magic Power of Mathematics
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    April - June

    10th May
    Prof. Cheng Kai Ming - Education Misunderstood!
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    8th April
    Prof. Lee Ou Fan - A Reflected Spectrum: On the contemporary meaning of the Chinese Cultural Tradition
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    January - March

    1st March

    Dr. Rebecca Lee & Prof. Ho Kin Chung - The Beauty of Scientific Research: The 30th Anniversary of Dr. Rebecca Lee's Polar Expedition

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    21st January
    Mr. Leung Kam Chung Antony - Further Thoughts on Education
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    October - December

    16th December
    Prof. Lin Yifu Justin - Demystifying the Chinese Economy
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    7th December
    Prof. Paul Chu - An Odyssey of a Chinese American Physicist
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    28th November
    Mr. Lo Kwok Jim - Behind the Lyrics
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    29th October
    Prof. Chang Hsin Kang - Silk Road: Past, Present and Future
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