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Emotion and Psychology in Modern Management

Emotion and Psychology in Modern Management

Organizers: The MBA Association of the OUHK
Alumni Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Unit
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27 February 2015 (Friday)       


7:00-9:00 pm


B0614, Ho Kwan Yat Memorial Hall

OUHK Ho Man Tin Campus and Room G29

(TV Broadcasting)

Voluntary Guest Speaker: Dr. Sam Ng (Clinical Psychologist)


Dr. Sam Ng is an experienced clinical psychologist with extensive medical knowledge background. He joined the Hospital Authority in 1998 as clinical psychologist and he was the Head of Department of Clinical Psychology of New Territories East Cluster of Hospitals and Cluster Coordinator before he turned to private sector in 2011. During the course, besides the general psychological services in mental health patients, he specialized in the area of neuropsychology focusing on cognitive functions and performance enhancement.



Dr. Ng has been offering psychotherapy for patients with emotional and mental issues as well as personal coaching for people seeking enhancement and breakthrough in personal life. He has also engaged in coaching teenagers of gifted intelligence. He strongly believes that coaching on “emotional intelligence” is especially important for happy and healthy living.


Dr. Ng is now working in private setting and offering psychotherapy and coaching for individuals, training and coaching services for several commercial enterprises in Hong Kong.

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