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Outstanding Alumni Sharing Series—Crisis Management and Negotiation Skills

Outstanding Alumni Sharing Series—Crisis Management and Negotiation Skills


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Language: Cantonese      


5 March 2015 (Thursday)      


7:00-9:00 pm


Serena Yang Lecture Theatre of

Ho Man Tin Campus

Voluntary Guest Speaker: Alumnus Mr Ho Ming Sun
  (Former Senior Superintendent of Police )
 Presentation Powerpoint : Crisis Management


Now on pre-retirement leave, Mr Ho Ming Sun is the former Senior Superintendent of Police, and has served the HK Police Force for 38 years from 1976 to 2014. During his tenure, he has worked in different departments and regions, and was promoted from Police Constable to Senior Superintendent. During the time when he was the in charge of the HK Auxiliary Police Force, he actively promoted the programme to recruit year 2 and year 3 university students to join the auxiliary police force. He also initiated and adopted the credit-bearing mode of the Open University of Hong Kong to the training programme.



Mr Ho has obtained three degrees in OUHK—Bachelor of Social Sciences in China Studies (2006), Master of Social Sciences in Liberal Studies (2009) and Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Administration (2010). He has extensive experience and knowledge in his profession and social sciences.


In 2005, the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization was held in Hong Kong. There were large scale demonstrations with hundreds of protesters, mostly Korean peasants, who were against the WTO. The incident aroused international concern and the response of the HK Police was the focus of attention. Mr Ho was the front-line commander at the time. How did he manage the tension and situation? In what ways did the education from OUHK help him during these events?


In recent years, the Hong Kong government is actively developing the rural areas in the New Territories, which caused widespread discontent among the residents. The police are required to solve the conflicts by negotiations with both parties. How did Mr Ho handle the anger of the residents? What kind of negotiation skills did he employ during his work?


ball_grey Mr Ho will be sharing his experience as a policeman and talk about crisis management and negotiation skills during this talk. He will also talk about how his studies in the OUHK’s courses can be applied to real work situations, and his belief in lifelong learning. As a columnist who writes about the history of Hong Kong Police and the society, he will also share some interesting stories with the audience too.

Alumnus Mr Ho Ming Sun

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