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F2FPG - Application period

Entry requirements

To be eligible for admission to the following degrees, an applicant shall possess:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

a recognized first honours degree with demonstrated ability to pursue advanced studies; or
a recognized Master’s degree by research; or
transfer from the OUHK MPhil degree.

Doctor of Education (EdD)

a recognized Master’s degree (by research or coursework) in education or a related area.

Applicants who are unable to be admitted through the route stated above can consider admission through Pathway 1. In this case, an applicant shall possess:

a recognized Master’s degree (by research or coursework) in an area not related to education.

Doctor of Engineering (DEng)

a recognized Master’s degree in science, engineering or a related discipline.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

a recognized first or second upper class honours degree from a tertiary education institution; or
any other equivalent qualifications, or provide evidence of academic and professional attainments.

An applicant shall satisfy the Research Degrees Committee (RDC) that he/she has sufficient command of the language (normally Chinese or English) in which the course of study and research is to be undertaken and in which the thesis is to be presented. All applicants are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS). At the time of admission, the RDC shall stipulate whether the thesis is to be presented in Chinese or English. Terms of reference of the RDC are available in Appendix 6.

No applicant who is already a candidate for a degree at this or another institution may be admitted to the programme, unless the express permission of the RDC is obtained.

Application periods

Application for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Philosophy degree may be made throughout the year. The Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Philosophy will admit students in January, May and September (i.e. Spring, Summer and Autumn term). The Doctor of Education programme and the Doctor of Engineering programme will admit students in September only (i.e. Autumn term). The applicant is expected to have discussed the proposed field of study with the academic staff in the relevant School before submitting a formal application.
Applicants will normally be considered in batches four times a year, in February, May, August and November.

Application fee

All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee. The application fee should be paid by personal cheque or cashier order made payable to ‘The Open University of Hong Kong’. Cash is not accepted.

Application procedures

Each applicant can only submit one complete set of application papers as follows:

(a) Application form (Form DAPPL/RAPPL)
to be completed and signed by the applicant.
(b) Hong Kong Identity Card/Passport (if you do not have a HKID card) for verification in person during our office hours, or a photocopy of your HKID/Passport with the word ‘copy’ written across the face if you apply by mail.
(c) HK$300 application fee in cheque or cashier order
(d) Completed Research Degree Proposals (Form RPROP) for application of PhD/MPhil programme only
(e) Reference Forms (2 sets) (Form RREF)
to be completed and submitted directly to the Research Postgraduate Office of the Registry, OUHK, Homantin, Kowloon by the referees
(f) Supporting documents
originals of official transcripts and copies of certificates

The completed application forms should be submitted by mail or in person to the following address:

Research Postgraduate Office, Registry
The Open University of Hong Kong
Ho Man Tin

Application acknowledgement

An application acknowledgement which consists of an application number will be sent to applicants by mail within 2 weeks of the submission of the application. Applicants are advised to quote their application number in subsequent correspondence with OUHK.

Applicants who do not receive an application acknowledgment letter or the returned incomplete form within 4 weeks of the submission of their application should contact the Research Postgraduate Office without further delay by telephone: 2768 6621, by facsimile: 8148 3375 or by e-mail: regrdo@ouhk.edu.hk.

Assessment of application

Applications will be assessed individually. Applicants may be required to attend interviews and/or tests as part of the selection process.

Notification of results

Notification of the results of the applications will normally be sent to successful applicants well before the commencement of the programme. If an offer of a place is made, applicants must decide to accept or to decline the offer by a specified date. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified in writing.

Special conditions

The RDC may approve or prescribe special conditions for any applicant, including undertaking a preliminary course of study and/or performing satisfactorily in an examination, oral or written, either before the date of commencement of, or during the period of, the programme of study and research.

Commencement of study

The RDC shall determine the date of commencement of study. For the PhD and MPhil programme, the date shall normally be the term commencement date of the Autumn, Spring and Summer term after the date of approval of the application by the RDC and after payment of all fees due. For other research postgraduate programmes involving coursework, the date of commencement of study shall normally be the term commencement date of the Autumn term.

Fees (per annum)

  Rate from 1 September 2017 onwards
PhD DEng* EdD* MPhil
Year 1 to 4 $65,395
Year 5 to 7 $43,595
Year 1 to 3 $52,180 $52,180 $50,025
Year 4 onwards $26,100 $26,100 $25,015

* Students taking up taught courses have to pay the relevant course fees separately. Year 1 refers to the year in which thesis supervision commences.

All fees paid will not be refunded.

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