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    Switch on to e-materials!

    OUHK courses are now fully available in electronic format

    Full set of electronic course materials

    As a forward-looking and flexible university, the OUHK has for some time been offering its courses through a variety of media, including printed materials, online and multimedia components, and face-to-face tutorials. From September 2015, the University is taking an extra step forward by providing a full electronic version of the materials for all courses, in addition to the printed version. This means that you will be able to access all your course materials as you roam around with your notebook computer, tablet device or smartphone, without the need to carry around heavy printed materials. Likewise, you are free to use your home or office computer to study your materials on screen. Simply download the PDF files to your device and read them at a place convenient to you. You can also click on links and hotspots in the units to access readings, external websites and audiovisual content where applicable.

    Paperless course materials: the OUHK’s contribution to a greener environment

    In providing the option of downloading course materials so that you can study more efficiently, the OUHK also aims to minimize wastage from printed materials and so protect the environment. As the university transitions away from a reliance on paper, we hope you will partner with us and try to make the best use of the online materials provided. Besides learning more efficiently, the simple change in study habits could make a big contribution towards a greener environment.

    If you would still prefer to study using the printed materials, don’t worry; we are not taking this option away from you. But we hope you will at least give our electronic materials a try. As always, we aim to give you a convenient and flexible learning experience. Enjoy our paperless course materials!

    Technical Support

    Hotline: 2768 6454
    Office hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm


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