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Postgraduate Programmes in Liberal Studies


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    ª Master of Social Sciences in Liberal Studies [MSSCLS] (Phasing out)

    ª Postgraduate Diploma in Liberal Studies [PDLS] (Phasing out)

    ª Postgraduate Diploma in Liberal Studies (Content and Pedagogy) [PDLS (C&P)] (Phasing out)

    ª Postgraduate Certificate in Liberal Studies [PCLS] (Phasing out0


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Programme regulations        Progression Pathways

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In October 2004, the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) of the Hong Kong SAR Government unveiled its blueprint for reforming the senior secondary and tertiary education system. The consultation paper entitled “Reforming the Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education and Higher Education – Actions for Investing in the Future” contains recommendations that a three-year senior secondary academic system be adopted, and the curriculum framework of the senior secondary school be reformed. In the proposed framework, Liberal Studies will become one of the four core subjects alongside Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics. The subject will also be made a prerequisite for entering local universities. The EMB announced in May 2005 that the reform would be implemented in September 2009.

To respond directly to the Government’s senior secondary school reform, the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) is launching a series of interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes in Liberal Studies on the postgraduate level. In-service school teachers will find these programmes particularly useful for enhancing their subject knowledge as well as pedagogic skills in this field.

Helps you become culturally well-rounded

Liberal Studies aim to help students broaden their horizons and strengthen their analytical and communicative skills, so that they can become informed and responsible world citizens. Our programmes provide students with the opportunities to explore and integrate concepts from a broad range of disciplines, giving them an exciting and rewarding learning experience.

The disciplines available include the study of social behaviour and social psychology, contemporary and traditional Chinese and Hong Kong societies, and environmental studies.


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Entry Requirements



Applicants should have obtained a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized tertiary education institution, or the equivalent.

Applicants are expected to be proficient in both Chinese and English.

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Courses in the programme


Learning and Teaching Liberal Studies



Environmental Protection in Modern Society



Environmental Management in Practice



Exploring Liberal Studies



Chinese Culture and Civilization



Globalization, Society and Culture



Governance and Politics of Greater China



Social Change: Hong Kong and Mainland China



Media, Society and Citizenship



Regional Economic Integration: Hong Kong and China



Western Culture and Civilization



Interpersonal Relationships



Group Dynamics



Personal Awareness and Growth



Problem-solving and Decision-making



Research Project/ Thesis



Graduate Research Writing and Methods for Social Sciences

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Programme Regulations

•  Master of Social Sciences in Liberal Studies [MSSCLS] (Phasing out)

•  Postgraduate Diploma in Liberal Studies [PDLS] (Phasing out)

•  Postgraduate Diploma in Liberal Studies (Content and Pedagogy) [PDLS (C&P)] (Phasing out)

•  Postgraduate Certificate in Liberal Studies [PCLS] (Phasing out)


You can view the prospectus for new students  online or request for a printed copy for reference. 

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Mode of Course Delivery

 Mode of study

The courses in this programme (except E880) will be delivered in a part-time, face-to-face mode and classes are to be held on weekday evenings, Saturday mornings or afternoons.


 Medium of instruction

The courses will be taught in English and Chinese.



Students will be evaluated by assignments, presentations and/or examinations.

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Progression Pathways

Progression Pathways
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Other Information


 Length of studies



1 academic year (2 semesters)


2 academic years (4 semesters)

PDLS (C&P) :

2 academic years (4 semesters)


2 academic years (4 semesters)


Note: Students must complete any of the selected postgraduate programme within four years of first enrolling in the programme. The Dean of the School of Arts and Social Sciences may extend the maximum period of study in special cases.




 Financial assistance

Applicants may consider the following financial assistance schemes:

1.  Means-tested student loan from the OUHK (Enquiries: 2711 2100)

2.  Interest-free tuition loan (Enquiry Hotline: 2543 2223)

3.  Non-means Tested Loan Scheme from the Government ( http://www.info.gov.hk/sfaa)

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Staff Profile

 Teaching Team  
Dr. CHEUK Wai Hing
Dr. Charles KWONG
Dr. Raymond LAU
Dr. Garland LIU
Dr. Percy LUI
Professor SO Wai Chor
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 For enquires on admission procedures, please contact:

Information Centre

Tel: 2711 2100       Fax: 2715 0760

Email:  infoctr@ic.ouhk.edu.hk


Tel: 2768 6601-3       Fax: 2761 3935

Email: regadm@ouhk.edu.hk


  How to Enrol  

 Application can be made online, in person or by mail.  

 For enquires about programme contents, please contact:

Dr. Charles KWONG 

Tel: 2768 5719

Email: clkwong@ouhk.edu.hk



Fax: 2391 3184


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