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A cross-sectional descriptive survey: The relationship between stigma related to depression and demographic variables and educational characteristics of undergraduates in Hong Kong

A qualitative study - The parental experience of caring a child with Angelman Syndrome (AS) in Hong Kong

A study on Chinese women’s knowledge on roles and responsibilities and attitude towards male midwife and intention to accept care from male midwife

Affiliate stigma among family members of individuals with different levels of intellectual disability in Hong Kong: A descriptive study

Associations between colorectal cancer-related knowledge, health beliefs and behavioural intention of participating in colorectal cancer screening in Hong Kong

Attitude towards people with mental illness among Bachelor of General Nursing Students: A cross-sectional quantitative study

Clinical placement experience of baccalaureate psychiatric nursing students in community psychiatric nursing in Hong Kong

Descriptive study on smartphone usage pattern, the risk level of smartphone addition and depression among young adults with different demographic characteristics in Hong Kong

Emotional intelligence and individual work performance of nurses in Hong Kong

Face mask usage among adults in Hong Kong: A descriptive study

Face mask use in protecting against influenza-like-illness: A cross-sectional study on adults in Hong Kong

Knowledge and attitude of umbilical cord blood banking among pregnant Hong Kong Chinese women: A cross-sectional quantitative study

Nursing students’ perception on clinical teachers in supporting clinical learning

Perception, attitude, and behavior of receiving Chinese Medicine Practitioner prescribed therapies among emerging adults in Hong Kong

Relationship between sociodemographic characteristics, lifestyles and the severity of facial acne among university students in Hong Kong: A cross-sectional survey

The relationship between emotional intelligence and nursing competence among Bachelor degree nursing students who have experienced clinical practicum

The relationship between knowledge of cervical cancer and cervical screening and uptake of cervical screening among female new immigrants from Mainland China in Hong Kong

Use of package leaflets for self-medication among Hong Kong public: A cross-sectional descriptive study






A correlational study of knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to Traditional Chinese Medicine of citizen in Sai Kung District of Hong Kong.

A descriptive cross-sectional survey on sex knowledge and sex attitude among university students in Hong Kong.

A descriptive study: Associated factors affecting 23-valent conjugate pneumococcal vaccines uptake among the elderly in Hong Kong.

A descriptive survey on sleep quality among the university students in Hong Kong.

An investigation on knowledge and practice of nursing students from The Open University of Hong Kong on uniform-disinfecting methods under domestic settings.

An observational study of hand washing performance of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

Associated factors influencing the intention of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among male young adults in Hong Kong.

Attitude towards substance abuse among nurses in Hong Kong: A cross-sectional descriptive study.

Experience of smoking relapsing among women after delivery in Hong Kong: A qualitative study. 

Facilitators and barriers to volunteering in health volunteers in Hong Kong.

Knowledge and behaviours of blood donation among secondary school teachers in Hong Kong.

Learning experience of nursing students in Hong Kong: A qualitative study.

Role transition experience of newly graduated psychiatric nurses in Hong Kong.

Senior secondary students’ knowledge and intention to deliver bystander basic life support to victims of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Hong Kong: A correlational study.

Stress and coping strategies among the Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

The health-promoting lifestyles of undergraduate students in Hong Kong.

The prevalence of allergic rhinitis among adults aged 18-49 in Hong Kong: A study on occurrence and severity.

The prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms and risk factors among Hong Kong nursing students.

The retirement life of nurses in Hong Kong.

The stress level and the prevalence of constipation among clinical nurses in Hong Kong.



A couple’s experience with a planned home birth in Hong Kong: A case study.

A study of stress level and sleep quality of Diploma Secondary Education students in Hong Kong.

A study on compliance in lens care between 15 to 49 years old contact lens wearers in Hong Kong.

A survey on associated factors with feeding difficulty of institutionalized elderly with dementia in Hong Kong.

A survey on the associated factors of poor sleep quality and the relationship between sleep quality and health-related quality of life among Chinese community-dwelling older adults in Hong Kong. 

An qualitative study of social support on drug abstinence among ex-drug abusers in Hong Kong.

Comparison on the attribution style and depressive symptoms among children aged 8-14 from intact and divorced family in Hong Kong.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of Square Stepping Exercise on balance among community-dwelling older adults.

Evaluation of the volume measurement accuracy of oral syringe, dosing cup and standard spoon when measuring syrup and suspension liquid drug.

Examine the application of ‘doing the month’ practice among postnatal Chinese women in HK.

Hong Kong parents’ intention towards vaccinating son against Human Papillomavirus.

Malnutrition among older people at residential care homes: prevalence and association factors.

Perceived burden and coping strategies employed by parental caregiver of individuals with moderate grade mental retardation.

Population-based survey of commitment toward organ and tissue donation in Hong Kong.

Relationship between the problematic use of mobile phone and sleep quality among undergraduates in Hong Kong: a correlation study.

Self-efficacy, perceived benefits and barriers across different stages of change of exercise behavior among female young adults in Hong Kong.

The evaluation of calories burnt difference between exergames and tranditional physical activities among young adults: An experimental study.

The experience of using website information related to self-care strategies of dysmenorrhoea among university students in Hong Kong.

The prevalence of urinary incontinence and impact on quality of life among middle-aged Chinese women in Hong Kong.



A descriptive study about the knowledge, attitude and behavior on nutrition label among people with Type 2 Diabetes in Hong Kong.

A descriptive study of cardio-respiratory fitness and its differences among children aged 10-12 with different rope-jumping levels.

A descriptive survey of psychiatric nurses’ attitudes towards causes and management of patient aggression and violence in Hong Kong psychiatric acute setting.

A qualitative study on the role of accident and emergency nurses towards domestic violence in Hong Kong.

A quantitative study on nursing attitudes towards sexuality among undergraduate nursing students in Hong Kong.

A survey on knowledge, beliefs and practices of hand hygiene among undergraduate nursing students in Hong Kong.

An exploratory study on involvement and roles of family members in relapse prevention of patients with severe mental illness in Hong Kong: From psychiatric case managers’ perspective.

Attitude of breast self-examination among female undergraduates in Hong Kong.

Attitudes of undergraduate nursing students towards organ donation in Hong Kong: A qualitative study.

Attitudes towards seeking mental health services among undergraduate nursing students in Hong Kong: A descriptive survey.

Evaluation of drug lost: Tablet-crushing by Mortar-and-Pestle and Pill Crusher.

Food handling behaviours and food safety knowledge among secondary school students in Hong Kong: A cross-sectional descriptive study.

Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese expectant mothers’ knowledge and attitude towards breastfeeding.

Knowledge, health beliefs and preventive behaviours of first-degree and non-first degree relatives of osteoporotic patients: A survey on middle-aged Chinese sedentary working women in Hong Kong.

Perceived stress level and source of stress among secondary 6 students in Hong Kong: A cross-sectional survey.

Perceived stress level of nurses working in elderly homes in Hong Kong and the factors influencing the stress level.

Prevalence of allergic rhinitis and risk factors among young adults aged 15 to 25 in Hong Kong.

Stress level and ways of coping among post 50s-generation to post 90s-generation in Hong Kong.

The belief on practicing breast self-examination among Chinese women in Hong Kong: A qualitative study.

The relationship between family quality of life and severity of atopic dermatitis in children in Hong Kong.



A Cohort Study on Sleep Quality among Final Year University Nursing Students in Hong Kong.

A Cross-sectional Descriptive Survey on Tai Chi and Sleep Quality in Middle-aged Tai Chi Practitioners in Hong Kong.

A Cross-sectional Descriptive Survey on the Perceived Burden with Demographic Characteristics and Social Support among Chinese Mothers of Dyslexic Children Aged 7-12 Years Old in Hong Kong.

A Quantitative Study on the Knowledge Level and Attitude of HIV/AIDS among Undergraduate Final Year Nursing Students in Hong Kong.

A Survey of Compliance with Standard Precautions among Nurses and Nursing Students in Hong Kong Hospitals.

A Survey of Knowledge and Attitudes towards Old People among Undergraduate Nursing Students in Hong Kong.

A Survey on Attitudes and Beliefs towards Menstruation among Chinese Undergraduates in Hong Kong.

A Survey on the Prevalence of Allergic Rhinitis and its Influence of the Level of Quality of Life in Secondary School Students in Hong Kong.

A Voice in the Silence: The Attitudes toward Seeking Help from Mental Services among Chinese New Immigrant Youth in Hong Kong.

An Exploratory Study of Patient Violence towards Newly Gradated Psychiatric Nurses.

Chinese Staff’s Attitude towards Sexuality of Adults with Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disability in Hong Kong.

Clinical Learning Environment of Private and Public Hospitals in Hong Kong: The Nursing Students’ Perspective.

Correlation between Breakfast Habit and Body Mass Index among Secondary School Students in Hong Kong.

How do Chinese Male Perceive Colonoscopy?

Knowledge Related to Antibiotics Use among Year 4 Bachelor of Nursing Students in Universities in Hong Kong.

Professional Self-concept of Baccalaureate Nursing Student in Hong Kong: A Descriptive Survey.

The Attitudes toward Death and Caring for Dying Patients among Bachelor Nursing Students in Hong Kong: A Cross-sectional Quantitative Survey.

The Effectiveness of Walking Program on Increasing Daily Walking Steps and Decreasing Body Weight in Year One University Nursing Students in Hong Kong.

The Motivation and Level of Physical Activities in Full-time Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong: A Correlational Study.






A Study of Stress and Ways of Coping among Newly Graduated Registered Nurses of the University in Hong Kong.

A Survey on Attitude towards Organ Donation among Undergraduate Nursing and Non-nursing Students in Hong Kong.

Attitude towards Advance Directives among Adults in Hong Kong: A Qualitative Study.

Body Dissatisfaction and Risk of Eating Disorders among Undergraduate Students.

Depressive Symptoms among Women who Perform Yoga.

Evaluation of the Adequacy and Importance of Simulation Design Features in Low Fidelity Simulation Training: Hong Kong Undergraduate Nursing students' perspective.

Health-related Quality of Life among Adult Tai Chi Practitioners: A Cross-sectional Descriptive Survey.

Knowledge and Health Belief of Osteoporosis of Secondary School Students.

Physical Activity among Physically Independent Older Adults in Hong Kong.

Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms with Profile Characteristics among Secondary School Students in Hong Kong: A Cross-sectional Quantitative Study.

Programme Evaluation of the Bachelor of Nursing with Honours Programme at the Open University of Hong Kong

Testing of Psychometric Properties of the Compliance with Standard Precautions Scale (CSPS).

The Survey of Loneliness and Quality of Sleep among Community-dwelling Older Adults in Hong Kong.



A Qualitative Study of Postpartum Mothers' Factors for Early Cessation of Breastfeeding in Hong Kong.

A Survey on Attitude and Experience towards Traditional Chinese Medicine among Undergraduate Nursing Students in Hong Kong.

A Survey on Knowledge of Breast Cancer among Female Bachelor Nursing Students in Hong Kong.

A Survey on Smoking Practices and Self-esteem Level among Early Adolescents in Hong Kong Secondary Schools.

Acceptability of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine.

Compliance with Blood-borne Pathogen Precautions: A Survey of Undergraduate Nursing Students with Clinical Experience

Coping with Occupational Stress: What do the Community-based Nurses Really Say.

Exploring the Perceived Beliefs on Performing the Pap Smear Test among Women in Hong Kong Using the Health Belief Model.

Food Habit and Body Mass Index (BMI) of College Students of the Open University of Hong Kong.

Knowledge and Attitude of Expected Fathers towards Breastfeeding.

Prevalence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Stress Sources, Stress Level and Coping among Undergraduate Psychiatric and General Nursing Students in Hong Kong.

The Effectiveness of a Walking Programme in Promoting Hong Kong Senior Secondary School Students’ Daily Total Steps.

The Experience of Horizontal Violence among the Final Year Undergraduate Nursing Students in Hong Kong.

The Relationship between Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Quality among the Full-time Baccalaureate Students in the Open University of Hong Kong.



A Survey on Dementia Caregiver Burden in Hong Kong Day Care Centres for Dementia.

A Survey on the Patterns of Polysubstance Abuse among Methadone Attendees in Hong Kong.

A Survey Studies the Attitudes towards Menstruation among Adolescents in Hong Kong.

Attitudes of Undergraduate Nursing Students towards Mental Illness.

Constipation among Psychiatric Patients in Long-term Care Home.

Exploring the Experience of Nursing Students' Preparedness to be Registered Nurse.

Job Stress and Coping of Psychiatric Nurses in Hospital Ward Settings in Hong Kong.

Quality of Life among Hospitalized-based Patients with Chronic Schizophrenia.

The Effect of Chen's Style Tai Chi on Stress Reduction in Junior Secondary School Students.




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