Programme Aim

This five-year programme aims to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills to become competent Registered Nurses (General/Psychiatric) in Hong Kong. It provides the challenge to people who have interest to practice in the health care field and have the vision of providing high quality nursing care in general/psychiatric aspect.


Programme Characteristics

1. Two programmes with different specialty nature are presented currently. Students are offered with a holistic view on undergraduate nursing education and the opportunity to make a choice.

2. The Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in Mental Health Care programme is the first education programme for full-time students in Hong Kong which advances the basic training for Registered Nurse (Psychiatric) to undergraduate level. It provides important reference for the development of subsequent programmes of similar nature.

3. The recently established Clinical Nursing Education Centre implements highly advanced computer technology and is specially designed to provide a risk-free clinical simulated learning environment for teaching and learning nursing skills pertaining to general nursing, psychiatric nursing and Chinese medicinal nursing, from the basic to advanced level.

4. The programme incorporates iPad mini into clinical practicum. Every student is provided with an iPad mini which has loaded with learning materials and the clinical assessment system. During practicum, students can refer to the learning materials conveniently and complete the clinical assessment feasibly.


Entry Requirements

1. Students can apply through JUPAS and should normally have attained in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination results of Level 3 or above in Chinese and English, as well as Level 2 or above in Mathematics, Liberal Studies and an elective subject from Category A. The elective subject should preferably be a science subject, i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Integrated Science, or Health Management & Social Care.

2. Students who do not posses HKDSE qualifications are eligible to apply for direct admission if they posses other qualifications equivalent to the HKDSE. Students should submit their applications directly to the University under the non-JUPAS route.


Professional Recognition

The programme is designed according to the requirements set by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong for training of Registered Nurses (General/Psychiatric). It has gained the professional accreditation. Graduates from Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care can register as Registered Nurse (General) in the Nursing Council of Hong Kong. Graduates from Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in Mental Health Care can register as Registered Nurse (Psychiatric) in the Nursing Council of Hong Kong.


Student Activities

Student exchange activities and study tours, both local and overseas, are organized to students for broadening their horizon in regards to nursing and health care arena. Opportunity for attending international conference is also available. Through this international exposure, students have chance to acknowledge the current trend in nursing development and appreciate the difference in practice between different countries. Students may even have chance to present their study projects to international scholars.

There are also self-initiated student activities arranged by student union and student societies.


Further Studies

Opportunities are available for the graduates of this programme to postgraduate studies in Hong Kong and abroad. They can choose to study further in the field of nursing or other health care subject area, according to their career plan.


Career Prospects

The programme prepares students to be Registered Nurses (General/Psychiatric) and practice in Hong Kong. Upon obtaining the academic and professional qualification, graduates can practice as Registered Nurses (General/Psychiatric) in various health care settings such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres and residential care homes.

As the graduates gain clinical experience, they will gradually progress to senior nurses and take up the different roles such as advanced practitioners to implement advanced nursing practice; managers to oversee a working unit and supervise the junior nurses; or educators to engage in teaching activities within an educational institution.


Further Information

Contact person: Dr. Ivy Yau (Associate Professor / School of Nursing and Health Studies)

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