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Hong Kong is in the sub-tropical climate region. Winter is cool with average temperature around 12-20 °C. In summer, it is hot and humid with average temperature around 26-31 °C. The average temperature of spring and autumn around 17-28°C. For more information about the climate in Hong Kong, please refer to the Hong Kong Observatory website (


Hong Kong is an international city with worldwide cuisine. Kwai Hing Learning Centre is located at grade-A premises where various restaurants, coffee shops and fast food shops are nearby. In addition, the centre is close to Kwai Hing MTR Station, can easily transit to different stations. For example, nearby Kwai Fong MTR station, there are more dinning and shopping facilities in the Kwai Chung Plaza and MetroPlaza.


Public transportation in Hong Kong is very convenient. There are bus, mini-bus, taxi and train services covering most of the regions in Hong Kong. Fare for various transportations can be paid by a store-value smart card, the Octopus Card. The OUHK LiPACE Kwai Hing Learning Centre is easily accessible by public transport. It is just 5 minutes’ walk under air-conditioned walkway from Exit E of Kwai Hing MTR Station to Kwai Hing Learning Centre.


Mobile phones are very popular in Hong Kong. In addition to monthly plans offered by different mobile operators, students can also use pre-paid phone cards for different mobile services including data services and long-distance calls.

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