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University Committee


1.1  The Committee on Professional and Continuing Education (COPACE) is a sub-committee of the University Senate.  The role of COPACE is to oversee the operation of all LiPACE programmes and courses (Appendix A). The constitution of the COPACE is given below:



            Chairman:    Vice President, Academic

            Members:        Dean or representatives from each academic School of the University

                                   Director (LiPACE) or Representative

                                   Representative from the Finance Unit

                                   Representative from the Human Resources Unit

                                   Representative from the Registry

                                   Representative from the Senate


1.2  COPACE meets at least three times per year and considers urgent issues by circulation between meetings. It reports to the Senate and OUHK Management Board on an annual basis.


Institute Committees


1.3   Institute Board (IB) is LiPACE’s supreme governing body (Appendix B). IB is chaired by the Director and consists of all full-time academic and administrative staff at LiPACE. IB meets at least four times per year.


1.4  Institute Executive Board (IEB) is the Senior Management Group of the Institute. As shown in Appendix C, its role is to advise the Director on issues relating to the administration, management and development of the Institute and make decisions on behalf of the IB. IEB is chaired by the Director. Other members include Deputy Director, Programme Directors, all Subject / Programme Team Leaders and different functional units-in-charge.  IEB meets at least once per month.


1.5  Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is established to assure the quality of new programme / course proposals and proposals for major revisions of existing programmes / courses by providing comments and critical review from wider academic and administrative perspectives (Appendix D). All these proposals need to be vetted and endorsed by QAC before submission to the IEB for approval.


1.6  Each programme operated by the Institute has a Programme Management Committee (PMC) to oversee its operation (Appendix E). The PMC is chaired by the Director or his nominee (either Deputy Director or Programme Director), and membership consists of relevant Subject / Programme Team Leader, Programme Leader and other academic staff involved in the programme.  PMC meets to approve assessment results and review the operation of the programme on a regular basis.


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